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  • The Biggest Mistakes I have made as a Blogger and Business Owner

    Hi there ??‍♀️

    Welcome the Biggest Mistakes I have made as a Blogger and Business Owner that no one share on the internet.. (haha, a little exagerrated here- of course there’s bloggers that shared about this  but this blogpost is based on my personal experience)

    If you are fairly new this blog,

    My name is Anys Nadhilah or you can call me Dr Anys! I am a full time medical practitioner, a future mom and a very passionate digital business owner! 

    I love making passive income and make money while I sleep through digital products. My mission is to help women, bloggers, solopreneurs, new coaches, course creators build their dream online business with SO MUCH ease, fun and flow.

    During writing this blogpost, I had night shift work as a training medical doctor where I work from 8pm till 1pm the next day (Its a 17 hours shift guys).

    My normal daily shift as a training doctor was from 7am till 9pm (14 hours per day)  … I have 2 night shifts every week, and one off day in a week.. This was basically my work schedule as a training doctor in Malaysia.. 

    Despite being very busy, during my free time , I like to create new digital products for my shop or consume content via blog or Youtube.

    Today while consuming blog articles, I stumbled upon by David Woutersen.. His pins particularly is this one

    The last advice in that video pin was a shocker and has give a big realization and clarity to me..

    Check out the pins here ->

    I feel numb for a while solely because it has made me realize the biggest mistakes that I have committed for the span of 3 years.. from 2019-2021

    (no wonder I moved no where)

    Well, thanks God I am not commiting a crime in case you wondered but I have made this huge mistakes that I don’t want you to do the same as a blogger or a someone who want to start an online business.

    If you want to know what were those mistakes, continue read on..

    I’m going to list down the mistakes that have I made as a blogger and a business owner down below so that you can learn from it and avoid these mistakes..


    When I think of this mistake back, I feel mad of  those videos and courses that I consumed for the past three years on how to create an online course.

    Personally I feel like those who are selling courses on ‘How to Create An Online Course Business’  doesn’t specify who are really fit to start online course business.

    Everybody believes that everybody can create a course, but the fact is that not EVERYBODY can create a course

    I was too naive and too fool to think that I can create a course where  I don’t have the skills and capability to create a course yet.

    These has costed me 1 year of not blogging for free, create content for my blog and build an email list first. I am too focus trying to learn how to create a course which led me in a wrong tunnel.

    First thing first , why I want to create online course instead being a free blogger?

    Online course business is a very profitable and high margin profit business. Imagine making impact on other people lives while making such a high income that is good enough to pay your bills , have a great vacation and buy anything you like for yourself and your family..

    Best thing is you get to live on your own term and be your own boss. This is what I want. Freedom.. 

    The reason why I was trapped here because I guess a lot of people said ‘course route’ is easy money-making route and is like get rich fast scheme (which is not 100% true).

    As someone who want to start a business myself, I am hooked! Well the fact is, it takes lotttt of efforts,brainstorming and knowledge to get a course launch successfully..

    Having said that , I also do not aware and don’t have the exposure that blogging business is also very profitable. I don’t know why would I choose the ‘course route’ instead of ‘blogging route’ which is easier and less pressure.

    I also have read mutiple blogs that have generated 5k-30k per month . Can you believe that they don’t even have a course and they basically don’t bother about it.

    Plus, I  a lot of missing puzzles.

    The missing puzzles are

    • Don’t know what niche I am in.
    • Don’t know what I am an expert about.
    • Not good with informational content creation

    As you can see, there is a lot of missing puzzles here and if you are really interested in creating a course, best advice that I can give to you is you should really nailed your niche, experties,content creation and get a coach or a course that would teach you step by step.

    Pro tips for someone who still want to create a course

    I suggest you to do list down all the things that you are good at and what you can teach others. You can brainstorm  your own techniques or methods on achieving something that you knowledgable about.

    You don’t have to have all figure out, especially on a systems , tech and everything.

    And also you don’t have to get all the content of your courses figured out.  

    The  point of making courses is to help others to achieve what you have achieved because there are someone in the world who are just lower than you, which means they need your strategy, your content, your teaching to improve and level it up.

    But remember, if you did not have the puzzles that I am missing above, forget about creating a course, start a blog instead!


    Deciding a niche is really difficult for me in the early days because I have this syndrome called as SOS – ‘ Shiny Object Syndrome’.

    I am not trying to start a niche-specific blog first so that I know what I love and what I can to talk about for hour.

    Instead I am trying to create a course where I don’t really have the niche clarity, skills,experience and the quality it needed to create a course plus I try to teach something that I haven’t gotten any result yet. Confusing right?

    Pro Niche Tips –

    You need to know what topics do you interested and what topics that you can talk for an hour.

    What topics that you can teach or share without cramping your head out and without referring to a notes or books, to know exactly that is your niche..


    I can’t deny that I have this perfectionist disease that attacks at random time. I just want the best out of the best.

    So, if I were to start a blog and create a course, I want to create one that has best quality, best content and the one that will exceptionally help others make transformation.

    Therefore, I force myself and put too much pressure looking for content, trying to create a full fledged course and because I try to teach something that I haven’t gotten any result yet, I plan to learn and memorize those lessons before I teach it to other which has costed me severe overwhelmed and burn out. Due to this, I have taken months off, detaching myself from the online business world. Major loss.. 

    Pro Tips –

    Never ever put too much pressure to yourself. Sometimes minimum viable is the best way to get started. Always create a plan first before start doing something for your business.. 


    Wrong believe system is very dangerous.

    I believe blogging would takes years to make money. I believe I only can earn income from my blog via advertising.  I BELIEVE I can create a course in one month without any skills and experiences.I believe I can launch a course and generate thousands dollar per month without any audience..

    Let me tell you , these are a bad believe system..

    Well just like other people said that everybody can be a course instructor.

    (I repeat here : Not everybody can be a course creator and instructor within just a blink of an eye…). Teachers went to college to get a teaching degree for a reason. Text-books existed for a reason..

    So you  definitely need an experience, skills, and the qualities to become a  course creator otherwise it will be a very difficult pathway for you..

    In case you are wondering, the qualities needed are

    • Experience
    • Some Tech Knowledge
    • Content and materials
    • Teaching skills

    Because of I had this false believe, it had stray me away from blogging properly. So I ended up not creating a blogpost for almost 1 year..

    Pro Tips –

    If you are not making daily sales or you are stuck at certain income level,pull out a paper and start assessing your believe system.. 


    Because of the mistake that trying to create a course a little too early without nail down my niche and build an audience first , it makes me delay of being visible to the world.

    For three years I was been invisible, and this is really sad, because I wasted three years of my time trying to do something that was not legit for me thus I kept pivoting every other months.

    I try to create a course about something then pivot then decide not to.

    Hence, everything left hanging and not completed,. I spend my money on a lot of resources that I feel were going to help me in creating a course and coaching programme but in the end, it just a waste..

    So how can you be visible?

    Answer : Blogging! Blog more ,  visible more.. or use social media. Personally I love Tiktok 😉 Tiktok has helped scale my business to 6 figure. 


    Imagine you want to start a cooking class when you never cook before.. That is how I’ve tried to blog and teach a course topic that I’m not even know of. I just have this believe that I can teach others when I read one chapter ahead of others.

    Why I try to teach a topic that I don’t know about? It is because I know that topic is money-making topics , so I try to create a course on that topics (Shiny Object Syndrome). This is the biggest, biggest mistakes I ever did.

    It is true that you can teach others when  you read one chapter ahead but it just not applicable on everything and to everyone , especially a beginner like me..


    Marketing is VITAL in any type of business.

    Even though you have the greatest product or content in the world, you’re not able to sell it if you do not market it and nobody see it.

    Learn marketing more for sake of your business.

    Pro Tips –

    Just focus on one marketing platform first to see a massive growth. Either Pinterest,Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook or Linked in, just pick 1-2 and really harness it for the first 3 months of your business. 

    MISTAKE #8: NOT BUILDING AN AUDIENCE FIRST & not making impact for free.

    Well , you would realized by now that building an audience is very important as a blogger or as a business owner.. 

    You can build your audience through

    -Email subscribers
    -Facebook group
    -Facebook fan page..

    Generally I can conclude that my overall mistakes is not start be a serious blogger,create consistent content and build an audience first..


    Lastly, I have a blog before that I created and blogging since secondary school. That blog has 4k subscribers with a total of 1million+ pageviews. That is because back then, I was consistently drive traffic to my blog via blogwalking which means visit for visit.

    I realize that even back then, I was not as successful as other top bloggers who had way more followers and way more blog views .

    Why? that was because I was not creating a helpful content like guides, tips, checklists, and click-worthy content..


    Today during writing this post, was a huge turning point for me.  I feel frustrated to those people who introduce me to create my own course a little too early, instead of being visible first.,

    I could just start be a blogger first..

    I feel like if I start being a blogger 3 years back, I would have created more content in my blog, sharing beneficial contents and then start creating mini courses when I’ve gained more clarity of what my niche is and what ther people want from me..

    Well in the span of three years, I barely be visible anywhere. I am not visible on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even blog, I just have Instagram account and Youtube channel that I no longer post content and barely make any income.

    but thankfully,

    While I was consuming those courses, I sustain my digital product shop on Etsy and that was where my most side income came in.

    At least I achieve something..

    I have my own Etsy shop where I sells digital products since late 2019 .I’ve created a small movement while consuming those courses,I create Canva templates and business toolkits.

    I now able to earn $500 to $1,000 per month from those digital products.


    The pins that I stumbled today has become an eye opening. View it here in case you haven’t ->

    You should focus on being visible either  creating content on your blog first or on your Instagrams, YouTube, LinkedIn podcast, or everywhere.

    Before you create a course,create content for free.

    Yes, this is not the money making activities, but you need to do this first for a least 3 months to figure out what you really love about and what you can talk easily for an hour..

    These are my biggest mistakes that I have made as a business owner and a newbie blogger. I hope you learn a lot from this post and can resonate with certain points.

    Thankfully, even though I have made these mistakes over the span of a few years, I have created multiple digital products to sell on my website and on Etsy.. 

    If you still haven’t figure out your passion that can turn into a profitable business, download this free workbook to nail down your passion and niche and develop your own empire.. 

  • How I made $530 in my First 3 Month of Blogging with low traffic

    Hi guys, I have been on and off blogging for the past few months now. In fact, I only have a few blogpost written in my blog. I recently hit $530 income solely from this blog, and in this blog posts I am going to share the most effective tips on how to make money blogging.

    First of all, I couldn’t believe that I finally make money blogging. It’s been my dream to make money blogging. I’ve read so many blog posts to date and what I love reading the most are reading other bloggers income report . They are all inspiring! It’s like reading other people pay check and dreaming that you can made it too..

    Check out 200+ income report how these blogger made $300-$100,000 blogging.
    Here’s the link where you can check out 200 income report from bloggers from specific niche. It was a blog post created by one of my favorite bloggers from Bloggingherway.

    My favourite profitable bloggers in 2021
    Other than that, I also would like to list down a few favorite blogger that given tips on how to make money blogging. Most of them have provide a very great practical tips to make money blogging. Some of them give step by step guide for beginners just like me. I hope you they will help you to if you decided to start a blog and make money online.




    Can I make money blogging as a beginner?
    I love reading all these blog because they definitely knows what they are talking about. But some of them have been blogging for years where as I am just about to get started in 2021.Not only that, I also have a full time job i.e working as a doctor in Hospital. I would take 2-3 years to write gazillion of good content and implement blogging SEO tips, back linking and everything.

    In fact,I have a different approach on how I made my first $530 blogging my spending less than 4 hours a week on my blog. But at the end of day, it is still the same way if making money online. I only implement a few things. And thankfully, it works. So I’m going to share with you, my own tips and tricks on how can you make money blogging in this blog post as well. And I hope that you will get inspired.

    Reason why you should start blogging in 2021
    Before we dive in into the blog posts, I just want to tell you the reason why I want to tap this blogging income area. First of all, income from blogging is can be passive. Once you establish your niche or your authority, it doesn’t requires too much work. Of course there’s so much things to do in the beginning, you have to put a lot of of upfront work in the beginning. But that’s okay because you got to put effort to build a business right? But I like the idea that this blogging business can be automated.

    My other passive and automated income in 2021
    Just like how I do it now in my online business, apart from this blogging income, I also make other passive income from a few other platforms. I made income from Etsy, and I also made income from selling my own digital product, which is from my Canva Masterclass and Etsy Masterclass in Bahasa Melayu for Malaysian.

    Untap affiliate marketing and income
    How I am able to make my first $500 blogging with a low monthly traffic is surprisingly not from affiliate income. If you ask me about affiliate income, I am not the expert here. Plus, I earned $0 using affiliate marketing. And that’s because I never bothered to register for an affiliate and promote the affiliate program. Not because I don’t want to, but..

    If you’re fairly new to my blog, I’m Dr. Anys, despite of my busy schedule at hospital, I able to create Six Figure online business and that makes me doesn’t really have time to do all things in business. This is one of the reason why I not able to start my own affiliate empire yet. But I definitely interested in it because I don’t have to create my product to sell and probably will try it later when the time comes .

    Affiliate marketing or income is an income you earn by promoting other people’s product. There’s definitely a pro’s and con’s using affiliate marketing but it’s a great way to earn income for beginners.

    Ways to make money using blog in 2021

    There are so many ways that you can make money through blogging.

    1.Selling Digital Product

    One of the ways to make money from blogging is by selling your own digital product. And this is my favorite way.

    2. Affiliate marketing
    Second way is through affiliate marketing. I’m not good at it. But I’ve seen so many people have seen having great result doing the affiliate marketing either affiliate marketing from Amazon or from people who provide an affiliate program for their course or products.

    3. Advertising
    Third way is from advertising media, Media Vine or other platform. Personally, before this, I have this vision that I want to make money from ads I just need to drive traffic so my blog and I can make money and I’m at in making money from ads. Like $1,000 per month is enough for me if I can create that passive income just driving traffic to my blog.

    But the thing is, it takes time for you to build traffic’s for you to build traction for you to have a viral blog posts. In once you hit 10k per month views are shown Are 50k per minute sessions that you can apply for these profitable advertisers like media vine itself equals require 50k views for you to apply and for you to get accepted and earn income from them.

    So before you reach that kind of views I highly recommend for you to sell your own products, creating digital products has never been a waste especially Now the internet is saturated with people so There’s a lot of opportunity if you create your own product and sell it

    The breakdown of how made my first $500 blogging with low traffic
    How made my first $500 blogging is by selling my own digital products in my blog. Most of my sold products are Done-For-You content and Canva templates.

    These are the exact digital products that have sold. The Canva templates and hot selling Done-For-You content.

    Basically, I learn Canva to actually make money blogging and make money on Etsy and finally with my 2 years experience, I teach people on how to make money using Canva.
    So is never going to be a waste if you learn Canva. if you want to learn Canva for business or How To Make Money using Canva. You can enroll into my course here.
    This course is in English, I recommend for you to join the course today if you want to start your own empire, make money online and make money blogging.

    Learn how you can make money selling Done-For-You content.
    Apart from selling Canva templates, I also selling done for you content and this done for you content is so powerful as it helps a lot of people to kickstart their business, they got their content ready because some people are some intrapreneurs are not sure what content to create in the beginning. So when they have a content around their interest they can get start their business quickly. That’s how I create my business as well. I buy done for your content, and give it for free to my viewers or my potential clients. That’s how I generate leads in the beginning of my business.

    If you want to know how to make money using done for you content, I have a coaching programs where we have a weekly coaching call, and I’ll teach you how to make money using the done for you content.

    Once you’ll learn how to make a done for your content and sell it your profit will double and triple from the investment that you made by joining my coaching programs. I am going to teach you step by step strategies on how I able to make money selling Done-For-You content. So if you want to learn how can you make a time where content can apply here..

  • My Entire Blogging Expenses | The Real Truth of being a blogger

    Hey guys, I’m very excited to write today’s post, because I really wanted to share with you the truth of starting a blog.


    Yes, it is true what other bloggers might say that it require less investment to start a blog, (i.e to tell other people that you have a blog) but to run, maintain, grow and scale your blog, you definitely require more investment and need to upgrade to more expensive plugins ,software or tools.


    Nevertheless, I’m really excited to share this one with you guys and I am always being transparent with the investment that I made.


    I believe there are some other investment that I made that I cannot recall of, so it might not be in this list because I’ve made that purchases months ago. However, I will continuosly update this list from time to time so it is updated. (last update in June 2021)

    I really hope that this post will be beneficial for you as I would find this entire blogging cost will be very beneficial for me as a beginner.


    I suggest for you to bookmark this blogpost  and  refer it whenever you think you want to scale your blog and need to upgrade any plugins or make an investment.


    I hope you enjoyed this reading this blog post, and if you have any questions, do let me know in the comment section down below.

    Before we dive in, make sure to download my Blogger’s Magical Guide to start making money through your blog..

    [et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_4]


    Hosting and Domain

        • For my domain name and hosting, I use NetKl. Particularly because I have nothing to complain but a compliment of their customer support. They replied to my query as fast as lightning. Plus their plans are super affordable for me..


    1st year – $30 / RM100

    2nd year – $40/ Rm200 (this is because I upgraded the capacity on the blog)


    TOTAL : ~$70


    I am an avid blog design theme and a designer at heart so I switch to tons of blog themes . I love switch theme because I am looking the perfect one for me as a blogger and business owner. I finally found one that I swear to stick for at least 2-3 years.


    Here are some of themes that I remember purchasing but I can promise you I purchased a lot more


    HelloYou Hello Coach $69

        • Pros : Really good theme for service provider to showcase your skills and  service.
        • Cons : Takes time to actually install numerous wordpress plugins needed to make the theme looks like demo. It could take 4- 6 hours if not more to actually make the blog looks in place (that includes install plugins, create graphics, logos etc).. But I suggest for you to use their installation service. It will save you tons of time..


    HelloYou Hello Team $68

        • Pros : Perfect theme for Ecommerce website or shop owners. I use this theme now and I love it to bits.
        • Cons : Same like above, it does take time to setup.. I took 2 days to make the themes looks great and personalize it to my blog..


    Little Theme from Etsy $45

        • Pros : This theme is super cute and affordable. I just love it!
        • Cons : It has less features and that includes a shop features so I have to switch.. They also have a theme that E-commerce friendly but it is a little expensive..


    Asthetic Blogging Theme from Etsy $30

        • I have to buy these because it is so pretty , the price is so affordable too..
        • The fonts are really small to my liking to position myself as a professional blogger.

    My own Business Theme $45

        • Pros : This theme is perfect for coaches, course creators, virtual assistant and service providers.

    It is also easy to install and edit . Drag and drop features.

    Hire Fiver for blog theme : $35

        • Biggest mistake! I didn’t even like the theme and it doesn’t suit my goals and personality..

    TOTAL : ~$295


        • Graphics plays a major role guys! One to create for Pinterest marketing, second to add graphic in the blog.

    Canva Pro subscription : $15/ month or free

        • I subscribe to Canva Pro on and off. Only when I find I need more icons, templates features that month.
        • Other months, I just use Canva basic which is free.


    Haute Stock for stock photos : $97 / 3 monthly

        • Haute Stock has tons of beautiful stock photos which includes flatlays, office photos. I love it but I didn’t continue to subscribe them because I did not have the budget yet..


    Etsy Stock Photos : $35 / one time

        • Great investment for 100 pretty flatlays. But the flatlays are basic and less choice.


    TOTAL : ~$147


    Tailwind : $89 / year

        • I use Free plans for my first 2 months but then I realize that Tailwind a powerful schedule tools that I need to invest. This is a must for a beginner blogger..


    Email Service Provider Free – $15-$30/month

        • Mailerlite  : Free up to 1000 subscribers
        • $15/month: 1,001 – 2,500
        • $30/month: 2,501 – 5,000



    Membervault  Free – $19/month

        • Free plan is limited to 3 products only..


    TOTAL : ~$123


    NotificationX for FOMO ~$35


    MonsterInsight for Analytics ~$99


    GPL for Woocommerce ~$25


    Thrive Cart as Payment Gateway – $495

        • Not yet purchased but it is in my top wishlist ?


    TOTAL : ~$654


          1. Pintraction by Alessandra Caprice  ~$97
          2. Pinning Strategy by IncomingSuccess ~$20
          3. Pinterest Ebook by AnnaSheApproach ~$35
    • Course24 $97


    TOTAL : ~$249


    Website and shop setup : ~$999

        • I do this on my own and it takes time , effort and patience..

    Graphic designer  : ~$999

        • I do this on my own and it takes time , effort and patience..


    This is the cost I estimated if I hire a freelancer which will save me tons of time and I can focus on what matters!

    I didn’t because I am have basic design skill and I am tight in budget.


    TOTAL : ~$1998


    Ipad Pro + Magic Keyboard – ~$999 /lifetime
    Macbook Air – ~$1299 / lifetime
    Internet – ~$20/month


    TOTAL : ~$2318



    Notions – free

    One Note – free

    Trello – free



    Trello Blogging Template from Kate Doster Trello Magic ~$35

    Blog Topic Ideas from Etsy ~$10


    TOTAL : ~$45

  • How to Make Money Blogging in 2021

    There are so many bloggers that quit 9-5 jobs because they have made a good and large income from their blog..
    Here a few of my favourite bloggers that share their income report.

    Not convince yet?

    These are just a few on blogging income report that I compile. To read more and be more inspired, check out Dale from


    To be honest, their income report inspired me to start my own profitable blog as well.

    I researched a lot before I start one. And here is the compilation of what I learnt from all of those blogger.

    I basically took one weekend off to read all the articles from those income report back and put together a comprehensive guide here for you.

    I also created a magical bloggers checklist if you want to start a blog or just started a blog.  You can download it  here by entering your email down below.


    [et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_4]


    First thing first,why you should start a blog?

    1. Express your passion and interest

    Well, if you are a writer at heart, you can express your passion, emotion and skills through writing. Most of bloggers are writers. Except me. I remember back in 2010 , I start a blog to share stories of my life and also express my emotion. I only can write speedily when I was happy or mad. But for me to create a guide or to share tutorials, it could takes months even years or it will simply never happened.  I blog for fun before this. Having said that blogging was once a joy for me because of it community and it was once became my online diaries.

    2. Start A Profitable Online Business

    Now in 2021, I choose to start blogging back and it is not for teenage diaries. This time I choose to start a blog with purpose, mainly for my business. I saw a lot of potential with a blog where it could lead to 9 streams of income..

    ?9 streams of income by starting a blog?

    When you are starting a basically are starting a digital online business

    1. You can sell your own information or guide
    2. You can sell your own courses
    3. You can start your coaching programme
    4. If you choose not to build your product, you can sell other people products and earn a great commission through affiliate program
    5. You earn income from own display ads
    6. You earn income from an advertising company
    7. You earn income through sponsored post
    8. Start your own digital E-commerce business
    9. Become Virtual Assistant

    Be it your own products or other people products ,blogging is the FIRST MAJOR step (note that I say major) to create a profitable online business .

    Apart from that, blogging also is a great way to establish your authority and it could be a platform that you can showcase your skills and your business.

    3. Low Start Up Cost

    Most of the business model especially physical products business required a huge cost to start. While blogging has a low start up cost, where you only need to pay for domain+host, website themes and tools (I explained a little detailed down here), it can be quite expensive when you start expanding your reach and you want to use fancy-frenzie tools.

    When I first starting up my blog, I only use all the free tools that available. That’s include free theme ,free images, free editing software, free Pinterest scheduler, free email service provider, free opt in software, free FOMO plugins.

    But when you need to upload more photos, you need more blog capacity by upgrade hosting capacity . and when you need more beautiful photos, you need to upgrade that one too!  I also have compiled all the free tools that I use and either I upgraded to paid version or not inside ‘Upgrade me or not’ cheatsheet.

    Nevertheless, it is still the cheapest way to start your own business and empire. If you start it right, you can become successful in short time and only spend on the right things that matters. Check out this blogpost for my entire blogging cost where I have divided into lifetime and monthly/yearly.

    I wish someone told me earlier what is the estimated total cost to spend so I can expect and choose what not to spend so I didn’t splurge too much on unnessary things.

    > Check it here | Brutal Truth – My Entire Blogging Expenses <

    Confusion suck!

    To be honest and I am being transparent here because I just want to give the best and right information for you.

    I have built this website ( for 2 years now but I have zero content on it because I was confused, overwhelmed and I think didn’t I have the clarity on what I have to do to start my business.

    My mindset was all wrong and I was thinking to launch a course and thinking about FB ads all the time to launch my course and position myself as a course creator. In fact, I have not even own a single course and never launch it too. For me, launching a course is scary and you have to give a lot of commitment to it in terms of capital and money to invest.

    This scary and anxiety feeling holds me back. I try to fight it every single day but it failed.

    Unlike Blogging give so much freedom and so much low commitment in terms of costs and it is actually less scary, seriously. It may takes money but it going to be worth it and. it doesn’t take too much money to invest..

    I believe in in – Start small. Grow Big.


    On one evening, the thoughts of what if I’ve started blogging 2 years back on this blog, today must have be totally different.


    This is the step-by-step guide on how you can start your own profitable blog and this is my highly recommended roadmap to start a succesful blog.

    If I were a new blogger,I would definitely use this roadmap that I will show you below because this is a timesaving strategy.



    Between many platforms that you can start your own blog like to show , square space, I would highly recommend for you use .

    Solely because it is a self hosted platform and it is whole lot easier and cheaper to start with. There is a lot of information is out there about and you have so much freedom to customise your blog using

    Although if you are using other platforms, it will allow you do the same thing but the price is much cheaper in terms of buying domain name and hosting for 1-2 years straight.

    I have created a comprehensive guide on how you can set up your WordPress blog. You can read it here > WordPress for Dummies< .

    Basically I explained simple step by step process that you need to take setup WordPress blog. There is also endless of video tutorials that you can follow to set up your blog if you need more details on that one..

    Did I mention that, is free ?

    and you can install it right away here..>Wordpress<

    Then sign up for domain name and hosting here. >Bluhost<


    Yes , it is compulsory after you download the WordPress software, you need to purchase hosting and domain name . Here is a simple analogy, if you want to build a house ,you need to buy a land first & register your address, then build the house.

    Land = Hosting
    Address = Domain name
    House = WordPress

    Here is my ugly drawing to emulate the analogy

    At first, buying a domain name and hosting is my biggest limitation before because I am not a serious blogger back then and I am contemplating to spend multiple of dollars for a thing that does not guarantee to give me anything in return.

    But what I did was, I researched on domain & hosting platform that I know I can afford of. Thankfully, I found one.

    Now I have two hosting provider that I recommed.

    1. Bluehost ($2.95/mo* or $59.40/year ($4.95 for 12 months) or $106.20  ($2.95 for 36 months))
    2. NetKl ($30/year – especially those from Malaysia)

    Netkl is a Malaysian based company and it works wonder for my blog. Their customer support also very good and very fast. If you are Asian, I 1000% recommend you to subscribe this hosting)

    $30 for 1 year of domain and hosting is such a bargain. Read more about NetKL. >here<

    Other hosting company that I suggest is Bluehost.Why? Because they are trustworthy and easy to use. Not only that , their customer support is also ah-mazing!

    Customer service for a hosting provider is super duper vital. I couldn’t stress this enough. Please take my word because any down time of your website, you need to contact them immediately. When I have any queries, I usually get a lightning responses from NetKl and Bluehost.

    How do you buy domain name and hosting ?


     > First, go to here <

    After click the link, you’ll see the homepage of Bluehost

    ⚡️Now, go to the  top-left corner and click “WordPress”, then “WordPress Hosting“. You’ll be able to see this after click on that.

    ⚡️Click on “Choose Plan  that will take you to the list of the paid WordPress plans.

    ⚡️Click on “Basic“, which cover all the basic things you will need at this moment as a beginner.

    ⚡️Now ,you need to choose your domain name A.K.A your blog address.  Simply type any name that you think will suit your blog for long term .

    ⚡️Lastly, fill up your details and choose your term plan. The minimum you can choose is for 1 year and it goes up to 3 years.

    ⚡️Scroll down and uncheck every box except the “Domain Privacy+Protection, and provide your credit card details for the payment.

    Congratulations! You have successfully buy a land,address and home to your brand new blog! I cannot wait to see your success.

    But wait, you can immediately write a post but I suggest you to buy a theme to your blog first A.K.A buy the furnitures for your new home. Hooray!


    This is the best part for me because I am addicted to beautiful WordPress theme that give a new breath of life the blog. Choosing a right theme for your blog is fundamental to look professional and trustworthy.

    I even designed my own theme and I would love for other people to use it because it going to be super useful for you to elevate your blog and branding. My theme for bloggers is a 3 page installation and it is designed for conversion .

     > Grab my Aesthetic Blogger’s theme here<

    Here is my signature wordpress theme for business. It is made from Elementor so it is just drag and drop theme, you will have a beautiful theme and branding within just seconds. This theme is perfect for service based business either you are a course creator, coaches virtual assistant, social media managers or freelancers. This is it!

    My theme business have tremendous support and I responded to every questions about the theme to ensure you’ll have the best experience. Kindly shoot me an email if you purchased my theme and have a questions about it..

    > Grab my Business theme for Coaches,Course creator and Service Provider here<

    I also have a lot of crush with other themes that I have encountered online and here is my suggestions.

    Top 5 Recommended Theme for Female Bloggers

    1. FemaleCEO theme (of course I have to mine on the first place)
    2. HelloYou Design ( Urgh their templates are amazing! I even bought use their template as my main theme )
    3. Bluchic theme ( Their theme is neat and sleek!)
    4. Little theme shop ( I adore their blogging theme so much. Still. Considering to purchase em )
    5. Themes from Etsy ( Etsy has variety of blogger’s theme that are really affordable for blogger. Simply search wordpress theme and you will find one or more that you definitely like)


    >Check out My Top 10 Blog Theme here..<


    Now the most difficult part especially for me because I am a not knowledge-rich kind of person and I am the laziest girl on the planet.

    Regarding the content itself, even though I know how to do something, I struggled with how to explain it to others and try to make them understand what I’m trying to convey.

    That is because I have limited vocabulary in English because obviously English is not my first language.

    But you know content is KING and you got to deliver content if you are serious about blogging. Even though I have limited English writing and speaking skills, the powerful tips when comes to blogging are topic ideas brainstorming, and content planning (which I am good at).

    Spend 15 minute of your time writing what you love, thought, and willing to share. Even though, if you are working as corporate job, you can take 15 minutes of your lunch break and start writing on notion… It might take 1-2 weeks to complete a good and viral blogpost but you have to believe ‘ IT IS FREAKING WORTH IT’

    It’s really important that you do not stumble upon blogging block. This was what most bloggers concurred with or struggle with. While starting a blog is actually an easy thing to do, but RUN a blog takes a lot of effort. Fret not girl, coz I got you covered!

    You will now learn my best tips on how to plan your blog content and how to brainstorm ideas for your blog.


    The apps that I love and suggest is using Notion.

    Notion is a life changing app for you to use to plan anything in your life and that includes your personal life , study life ,business life and even blog Iife. I use a lot of apps before like Onenote, Goodnotes, Trello. I also have tried Evernote, Asana, Google Keep but I love Notion the most.

    Notion helps me to list down my ideas and also manage them at the same time and you have a lot of freedom using Notion.

    The best part is notion is FREE , and you didn’t have to pay a monthly subscription to it if you just use it for personal use. There is also a lot of free templates inside Notion and you can start planning what you desired on the spot.

    Of course, I’m not saying that I stop using all of the apps I that I mentioned before but a lot of the time, I prefer using Notions compared to other apps,obviously, I use different apps for different purposes but I think for planning purposes Notion is the perfect one.


    If I were to summarize their best features is that, you can create a

    1. Kanban board (just like trello) ,
    2. Tables,
    3. Gallery,
    4. Toggle features
    5. Timeline,
    6. Calendar and a lot more inside one single apps.


    Select an apps that have fast syncing time. As a Pro blogger you work using laptop but you want to be able to edit the articles using your phone as well.


    Creating a blog is useless if you have no traffics at all and no connections ;( .

    What is the purpose of the blog if you have no readers at all.

    So, one of the easiest ways to start marketing your blog and start promoting it using Pinterest. Create your Pinterest account today and covert it to  business account for analytic features. The key secret here is to constantly add a new photo which is called as “Pins” to drive traffic to your website.

    How to create a Pinterest graphics?

    Use !

    If you are totally new to Pinterest, I highly recommend for you to learn it through Youtube which is free or if you are really serious and you have the money to spend, you should sign up to a Pinterest course as well.

    Pinterest Courses that I recommend

    Here are a few Pinterest courses that I think will help you because they are legit and trusted. I believe they will deliver great tips and values through their experiences and expertise.

    • Pinterest Avalanche
    • Pintraction by Alessandra Caprice
    • Pinning Strategy by IncomingSuccess
    • Pinterest Ebook by AnnaSheApproach

    If you need proof of their techniques are  proven, you can just look at their Pinterest account where you will see they have generated hundreds thousands and millions of views every month.


    Holly Molly , who doesnt love automation right ! This is key!

    Use Tailwind to schedule and automate your pinterest account. Remember to create a few posts and a few pins first before you subscribe to Tailwind Plan. Get familiar using Tailwind trials which is free up to 100 pins.

    Here are few videos to watch on how to schedule your tailwind account.

    Most of these videos were short and they only have a chunk of informations so you have to sort the puzzle by yourself.

    If you want an easier ways to fast track your learning process , you can definitely check out Pinterest course out there that will teach you proven Tailwind strategies to skyrocket your blog traffics.

    These are the basic strategies that you need to master to start a succesful blog.

    Succesful blog = content + readers


    Now, I understand that at the end of the day,  we want to generate income with all these investment that we have made. I understand that we have a lifestyle that we desire, family to take care of and debt to settle (wether student loan / car loan/ house loan)

    So how can you turn your blog to money making machine?

    Here are some ways on how you can make money by blogging..  You may find it in Day 7 which talks about affiliate and Day 8 which talks about your own minimum viable products.




    Enter your email to unlock Day 7 and 8 right away...



    I hope you gain a lot of valuable lesson on how to start a blog in 2021. Easy peasy, right ?

    Like i said before , the hardest part is not to start a blog but to run a blog. You need to constant have a new idea of what to write and you need to actually write. If you love writing , you love sharing, this path is for you . It may takes time but it going to work.

    If you are serious about making money, start right now not tomorrow not later because procrastination is the thief of time.

    Grab My Blogger’s Checklist here

    [et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_4]

    If I can rewind my time back, I would tell to my 23 years old me to start a blog now even though you dont know what to write and what to share.

    Just start sharing, make it as a habit and drive traffic to the blog using Pinterest. Yes, it is time consuming but it going to be worth it.

    2 years forward , you might have a few hundred or thousand of readers by now.

    Sadly , I didn’t do that because I let anxiety and excuses get through me. Don’t follow my old path. But practice what I have mentioned in this guide.I have learnt a lot until I able to put together this guide..

    2021 tell me to stop doubting myself and start blogging seriously after seeing all income reports from all the bloggers. They are my true motivation. Finally there is light at the end of the tunnel..

    What is your motivations? Comment down below..

    Thank you so much for reading 😉

  • How to Pick Blog Niche that generates $1000/month and Selecting The Right Blog Platform

    For those not down with the lingo yet, a ‘niche’ basically means a subject or a topic. This is the area of interest that your website is going to focus on and it’s what you’ll be writing about on a daily basis for your blog posts.

    This might sound like an easy job – but picking your niche is actually something you should consider very carefully. Getting this right can make your life a lot easier, while choosing poorly can make it almost impossible to achieve the success you’re looking for.

    Here we will look at some considerations that you need to bear in mind when picking your niche.

    A Topic You Enjoy

    Tip number one is to always choose a niche that you enjoy reading and writing about. Blogging is not a ‘small’ job by any stretch of the imagination. Remember when we said it would essentially need to become your full-time career if you wanted to be very successful? Well then you have to ask yourself – is this something you will be happy to write about on a regular basis?

    Writing will also come a lot easier if you’re well-versed in the subject. You’ll need to do less research and at the same time, you’ll find it much easier to come up with new interesting topics that people who like the subject will be interested in. What’s more, your passion will come across in the content and people will be much more inclined to read more of what you have to say as a result.

    Even if you plan on outsourcing your writing, knowing the niche you choose well will help you to feel excited about your site and to check over the accuracy and usefulness of the writing you’re receiving. Ultimately, choosing a niche just because some ‘guru’ says it’s a profitable one is a fast track to becoming bored and disillusioned and ultimately giving up.


    When picking your niche, you need to think about the competition out there and how easy it is going to be to stand out. Of course you want a subject that has a large potential audience, so why not pick something big like ‘fitness’ or ‘cars’?

    Well, that’s a good idea on the face of it until you think about how many other bloggers are writing in those niches. is one of the largest sites on the net and it generates a huge turnover – most of which is invested back into the site to ensure a steady flow of new topics. Question is: can you compete with that? Are you going to be able to compete with any of those sites to get to page one?

    On the other hand, if you choose to blog about rearing stick insects, you’ll likely find that there’s a much smaller audience – but also far less competition.

    The best case scenario then is to find a topic that is popular but that isn’t so popular that it’s going to attract lots of huge companies and top-name bloggers. Things like ‘foraging’, ‘knitting’, ‘writing’, ‘parkour’ are all big without attracting too much attention.

    Broad vs Specific Topics

    Another strategy is to start with a topic that has a broad appeal but then to narrow it down to something more specific. For instance if you like fitness, how about picking a certain area of fitness such as running or CrossFit?

    Or alternatively, what about targeting a particular group? For instance ‘fitness for diabetics’. You can also try combining two different topics. A great example of this is the blog ‘Nerd Fitness’.

    Another alternative strategy is to go very broad with your chosen niche which has the advantage of allowing you to come up with lots of new angles for content. If you do this though, you risk a lack of focus so you need to ensure that you keep everything tied together with a common thread. A great example of this is the ‘Art of Manliness’ blog. This blog writes about anything that could be considered ‘manly’ – so that includes editorials on the role of the modern man but also posts on how to smoke a cigar or enjoy whiskey and posts on how to raise children. This gives a huge broad range of topics for the writer while still having a very strong brand identity and focus.

    Choosing a Profitable Market

    Another consideration when picking your niche is whether or not it’s profitable. That’s right: some niches are far more profitable than others and you’ll find it easier to monetize depending on which one you pick.

    Examples of highly profitable niches include finance and business. These are profitable because they offer ROI in themselves: someone will be happier to spend money on an eBook about earning money because in theory they’ll make that initial expense back.

    Likewise, there is money to be made in any niche that has a big and obvious ‘value proposition’. A value proposition can be thought of like an emotional hook – it is the thing that people will want to buy your products or read your blog for and the ‘way’ that they hope their lives will benefit. Fitness is a great example because people badly want six pack abs and are willing to pay. The same goes for dating.

    Monetizing that blog on raising stick insects on the other hand will be harder. There is simply not the same demand or ‘need’ for products here. That said though, the relative lack of competition in the area, combined with the relative scarcity of information means there are certainly ways to monetize.

    Ultimately it’s worth just thinking hard whether or not your niche is going to be profitable or not and weighing this up when choosing whether to write about it. Look at your competition to see whether they look to be making much money, think about your business model and maybe even try verifying your intended business model. Verifying means trying to sell to your target audience first to see if they are actually there and if they are actually interested in buying your product.

    Selecting The Right Blog Platform

    Got your niche? Great! The next thing then is to think about actually setting up your new site and getting started with your content. To do this, you will need to choose a ‘blogging platform’ which effectively dictates how your site’s code will be structured and what you’ll see when you’re logging in and adding content.

    Now of course, you don’t actually need a ‘blogging platform’ as such. You can go about building your own website from scratch which will involve creating pages in HTML and CSS, possibly using a builder like ‘Dreamweaver’ but if you do this it will take a lot longer and be much harder to create something that looks and performs like a professional website.

    Instead then, you want to use a blogging platform/CMS. CMS stands for ‘Content Management System’ and is essentially a tool that simplifies the process of designing and building your website, as well as adding and editing content as needed.

    Use a CMS and you won’t need to know a line of code in order to build the site, to add new posts and to edit your existing content. This of course saves a lot of time, it streamlines the process and it ensures that your site is at least functional.

    Choosing Your CMS

    So how do you choose a CMS?

    The first thing to do is to recognize the difference between hosted and self- hosted options.

    A hosted option is a blog platform that you use almost like a social network. In other words, you create your account and ‘sign in’ to another website and from there, you’ll then be able to add new posts for other users to see. In other words, the platform and so your website are already hosted somewhere online, meaning you don’t need to pay for a hosting account to get started.

    Good examples of hosted blogging platforms include BlogSpot (, LiveJournal (, WordPress Hosted (, WordPress Self-Hosted ( and Tumblr ( Each of them has strengths and weaknesses, though they all do essentially the same thing. Tumblr here is really the odd one out as it straddles the line between blogging platform and social media platform – and as it mainly focuses on images that you upload as opposed to written content.

    The great thing about this is that it’s a completely free process and requires absolutely no set-up. You simply visit the blogging platform, be that BlogSpot or WordPress, sign in and then start posting! You can make changes to your blog in terms of the way it looks but you’ll be quite limited in terms of what you can do. Likewise, you’ll also be limited in terms of your URL – meaning that you won’t be able to call your website ‘’ – instead your blog will have to be ‘’ or ‘’. This of course looks far less professional and it also means your URL is going to be far less catchy and brandable. People will likely not remember your URL and type it back into the address bar – they’ll have to search on Google. And that said, even searching on Google will be harder seeing as it’s not as easy to get hosted websites to ‘rank’.

    For all these reasons you’re much better off with a self-hosted CMS. This means you’ll need to pay for the hosting space too as well as a domain name. In all, this will likely set you back $100-$500 for the year but if you monetize well you should be able to make that make even in year one. If you plan on becoming a professional blogger, this is really a mandatory expense.

    When it comes to hosted blogging platform options, you have a few popular options. These include:

    • WordPress (yes, WordPress is both)
    • Joomla
    • Drupal WordPress is available as both a hosted and a self-hosted CMS option. If you go for the hosted option, you will simply need to visit and start an account. If you want to go for a self-hosted choice, you’ll instead want

    to download the install files from, then upload them to your server. You then navigate to one of the files in your browser and the set-up process begins.

    Which self-hosted platform should you use? The answer is WordPress by a long shot. The reason for this is partly that WordPress is simply the most popular blogging platform. In turn, this means it also has the widest support. That means that you’ll be able to find plenty of developers to work with who are well-versed in the platform and it means you’ll be able to easily find additional plugins and themes to install to take your site to the next level. We’ll look at what themes and plugins are in a moment but for now all you need to know is that they significantly increase the capabilities of your website and are often free to use.

    The fact that WordPress began life as a blogging platform also gives it another big advantage. That is that it is highly user friendly and compared with Joomla or Drupal, the control panel is much more accessible and easy to use.

    But most of all, you should use WordPress because everyone else does… That might sound like a somewhat lame reason but think about it: most of the most successful bloggers on the net use WordPress. Countless people before you have shown that a WordPress website can be incredibly successful… so why then would you use anything else that is much more of an unknown quantity? Why would you take your chances with a more complicated platform? We know that WordPress can be optimized for search engines, we know it can be very well optimized… if you’re serious about making money then it’s the logical choice. And the websites created with it look great.

    Choosing a Name and URL

    As you’re going with a self-hosted option for your blog, you’ll now need to choose a URL. This is the address that people will type in their search bar in order to find your website and as such it will probably also act as the title of your website and the brand you’re going with.

    Choosing your name is another very important step here and there are two big factors to consider when making this decision:

    • SEO
    • Branding SEO is search engine optimization – in other words, tweaking your website to ensure that it will likely to rank highly on Google and to show up in searches. Your URL affects your SEO because some URLs are much more ‘searchable’ than others and this will give you an edge over the competition. In other words, if you wanted to rank highly for our earlier example – bodybuilding news articles – then having an address like or would be a great advantage. This won’t guarantee you’ll rank highly mind and those who have done more work at their SEO could still beat you in other ways – it’s just a good head-start and advantage. In terms of branding, you want to choose a URL that is the same as, or similar to, the name of your website. So a business called ‘Spination’ would do very well to get ‘’. Again, this isn’t a requirement but it will make several things easier – not to mention promoting your site and making it more memorable.

    If you don’t have a site name yet, then this is a good time to think about it. Aim for something that’s unique and interesting, catchy and at the same time descriptive. In a perfect scenario your URL will tell people what your site is about without just being a boring description. So in reality, ‘’ is a dull URL that’s not great for branding. Much better would be something like BroNews, BBNews or MuscleTalk. This is easier for creating logos, for making an impression and more but it still will give you some SEO benefit and won’t be too obtuse.

    As for your ‘TLD’ or ‘Top Level Domain’ (the ‘com’ or ‘’ part), it’s still always preferable to aim for the ‘.com’ if you can. An exception to this is if you’re running a local blog in which case a regional TLD is better. In most cases though, ‘.com’ is the easiest to remember and thus the simplest to promote.

  • 6 Important Pages to Have on Your Blog to nurture know like and trust factor

    As well as posting content as blog posts, a WordPress site also lets you add pages. These will be static points of interest on your site that people will be able to view regularly whenever they’re interested in them.

    This blogpost will serve as a useful reference for adding pages to your blog…

    About Page

    An About Page is a page where you tell people about your blog. This is an excellent opportunity to explain your mission statement and to help new visitors make sense of everything they see on the home page. If you have lots of content, this can help you to tie a little bow around it all and to get people excited for your future output. You can also use this to weed out your ‘non audience’. In other words, to really hone in on your specific target demographic.

    Contact Page

    For gaining fans and for building new contacts and networking opportunities, a contact page is an absolute must. Leave this out and you might miss out on some serious opportunities!

    A good way to let people get in contact without opening yourself up for abuse is to use ‘Contact Form 7’ (

    This is a plugin that adds a form to your contact page and helps protect you from spam.


    This is another great way to monetize your site! Why not turn some of that expertise into a service you can charge top dollar for?


    This is where you will promote your own products or your affiliate products. Some bloggers will call this page something like their ‘essential gear’ or their ‘survival kit’ and for real fans it’s a great place for people to gain some of your magic for themselves.


    This is similar to the above but will work more purely for affiliate links. What products can you unreservedly recommend?

    Here is a screenshot of a blog using a ‘Resources’ page:

    ‘Start Here’

    The only downside with the blog format for websites is that it can be hard to find older, legacy posts and content. A good way around this is to have a handy ‘Start Here’ page that can act as a ‘jumping on point’ for your new visitors and show off the highlights of your site.