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A mom of one, pink addict, cat-lover, loves kawaii items, passionate business owner and a caring loving soul. 

Dr. Anys is not just an entrepreneur, Etsy coach, and empowerment advocate; she’s a passionate visionary dedicated to helping creative individuals turn their passions into profitable online businesses.

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years of experience in medical doctor


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side income generated on etsy

As a former government medical doctor who transitioned into a successful Etsy entrepreneur, Dr. Anys knows firsthand the transformative power of creativity and entrepreneurship in shaping lives and creating financial abundance. With a background in medicine and a profound love for design, she brings a unique blend of expertise, compassion, and creativity to her coaching and empowerment services.

being mindful about money

Growing up in a modest family, Dr. Anys learned the value of being mindful with money. It wasn’t about lacking resources but understanding the importance of financial responsibility.

more freedom & abundance

While she deeply valued living within her means and making thoughtful financial decisions, Dr. Anys yearned for more—a life filled with abundance, freedom, and the ability to pursue her passions without constraints.

no more living paycheck to paycheck

Despite her education and professional success, Dr. Anys found herself living paycheck to paycheck as a medical doctor. Determined to break free from financial constraints, she explored opportunities in online entrepreneurship. It was during this exploration that she discovered Etsy—an online marketplace that provided a platform for creatives like herself to monetize their passions.

found love with digital products

Embracing this newfound opportunity, Dr. Anys leveraged her skills in design and entrepreneurship to create digital products that resonated with Etsy’s global audience. Through dedication, perseverance, and embracing new opportunities, she transformed her side hustle into a thriving business that provided the financial freedom she had always dreamed of.

As a mother who understands the pressures of juggling multiple responsibilities, Dr. Anys is passionate about helping others—especially those working full-time—to explore flexible income opportunities like Etsy as a side hustle. 

Today, through her coaching programs and resources, Dr. Anys is dedicated to guiding her clients on their journey to success and helping them unlock their full potential. She is committed to empowering others to break free from financial constraints and create lives filled with abundance and fulfillment.

Dr. Anys believes that everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams and create a life they love. She believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their passions, achieve financial freedom, and live life on their own terms—all while staying true to themselves. Join Dr. Anys on this transformative journey, where making money isn’t just about financial gain but about empowering others to live their best lives.

You’ve got big dreams for your business and i know it's possible to build a long-lasting legacy that matters.

my career progression


medical student

Studied in RCMP for 3 years then further my study in International Medical School (IMS), India. Start my ‘first’ business, selling charm bracelet during studies. Stopped the business to focus on my exam, and it was worth it, I got a  ‘Dean’s list’ award – one the highest levels of recognition for scholarly achievement. Then, my final year as a medical student, I started a second ‘side business’. I became a Kashmir tour agentm and earned 5 figures but quit after came back to Malaysia 😉

mac flower


start etsy shop

After graduated from India, while waiting for housemanship, I was unemployed for one year. I desire to find an income as a  ‘saving in my bank’ before start my doctor training. I found Etsy while browsing on Pinterest. I saw a huge demand for digital products  so I decided to sell digital product on Etsy. 


ho & MO in hospital sultan abdul halim

Houseman was tough! I constantly remind myself to complete my compulsory service first before make any decision. I need to just mug up and go with the flow! But, I still care about my patients and continue to be a safe doctor despite repeated burnt out. Done HO, MO journey was even tougher. I became Obstretric & Gynaecology doctor for a while. Needed to make huge decisions  and always in ‘adrenaline rush’ mode.

mac flower
mac flower


making side income

Did I tell you, despite my busy career as a doctor in Hospital, I manage to build my dream business. I enjoyed 4 figure income per month from Etsy consistently. I decided to share with the world after 2 years and my Tiktok video went viral 😉 Since then, I started coaching others on how to make side income on Etsy as well.


klinik kesihatan kuala nerang

Thanks god! I was lucky to get placement in Primary Care setting. I love my job back!  It was fun seeing patient in desk setting. This is what I imagined when I chose doctor as a career back then. But only after 1 year half as MO KK, I become a permanent doctor and had to shift my placement back to Hospital ;(
 As of my personal life , life was good, I got married last year and blessed with a cute baby boy this year. #grateful



private sector

After 6 months in Hospital setting, I decided I want to focus on my coaching business and open my own private clinic. I am truly blessed with everything that happened in my life and this is not possible without people around me and also my coaching students. I am forever grateful and looking forward to give back and serve more people in my life.

my offers

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for beginner

etsy and canva masterclass

These masterclasses are perfect for beginners. It’s only 2 hours but jam-packed with so many important nuggets to help students to set up their Etsy shop. 

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for advanced

plr products and membership

PLR products are designed to help students spend less time create the product. Membership is additional support for students who want to make income on Etsy.

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for passionate

notion course and templates

Notion templates are on demand and low competitors right now compared with other products. These templates are perfect for Etsy seller who wan to get sales faster.