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i help you create passive income

Passionate about empowering women to achieve passive income, I’ve built a business dedicated to helping you sell digital products. 

As a busy doctor turned entrepreneur, I understand the art of prioritization and problem-solving which led me to create better digital products. Let’s turn your dreams of financial independence into reality.

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Hi. i am dr anys !

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Imagine a journey that takes you from the halls of medicine to the forefront of entrepreneurship. 

Hi there, I’m Dr. Anys, a seasoned doctor who discovered the power of turning passions into profits. 

With a stethoscope in one hand and a laptop in the other, I’ve transformed into a 6-figure course creator and digital product seller.

My journey wasn’t just about numbers; it was about unlocking the potential within and creating a ripple of impact. Through my courses, I’ve empowered thousands of individuals to harness their creativity, launch their own digital businesses, and embark on a path towards financial independence.

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Testimonial from Client

"from zero to thousand"

I am thankful that I found Dr Anys Nadhilah through Tiktok FYP. She actually change the entire course of my life. My life before this was struggling to make money,  to now I was able to make RM2-3k per month on Etsy  

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