Welcome to How to Create a Coaching Client Welcome Packet

Creating a coaching client welcome packet is an important part of the onboarding process for any coach. In this article, I will discuss how to create an amazing coaching welcome packet template. Coaching welcome packet template helps to set expectations, provide information about your services, and create a positive first impression with potential clients.

Why coaching welcome packet template is important?

• It helps to set expectations for the coaching relationship .

• It provides information about your services and how you work with clients

• It creates a positive first impression with potential clients

• It can help to establish trust and credibility

• It can be used as a reference point throughout the coaching process

What should be included in the coaching welcome packet template ? 

A well-crafted welcome packet should include the following elements:

1. Introduction and welcome

Introduce yourself and your services in a friendly and professional manner. Include a brief overview of your experience and qualifications, as well as a description of the services you provide.

2. Goals

Write goals that they are going to work on when working with you. This will help you create an effective coaching plan for your clients.

3. Expectations

Clearly outline what clients can expect from working with you, such as the frequency of sessions, payment terms, and any other relevant policies.

4. Agreement

Include a coaching agreement that outlines the terms of your services and any applicable policies.

5. Resources

Provide helpful resources such as articles, books, or other materials that may be useful to clients during their coaching journey.

6. Contact Information

Include your contact information so that clients can easily reach out with questions or concerns.

7. Next Steps

Out line the next steps in the onboarding process, such as scheduling an initial consultation or completing any necessary paperwork.

8. Testimonials

Include testimonials from past clients to demonstrate the value of your services.

9. Frequently Asked Questions

Provide answers to common questions about your coaching services and policies.

10. Closing

Thank potential clients for their interest in working with you and invite them 

Tips to make your client’s experience delighted with the your client welcome packet.

To ensure that your clients have a delightful experience with your welcome packet, here are some tips:


Begin the welcome package with a handwritten note congratulating the new client and welcoming them into your inner circle.

Include personal touches such as photos of yourself or your office to make the packet more inviting.

You should reassure them that they’ve made the proper choice in selecting you and your coaching programme, and you should briefly highlight the advantages they’ll have as a result of working with you.


Give your clients advice and pointers on how to make the most of your time together.

Highlight planning, mindset, and productivity hacks, as well as additional resources, to ensure a smooth journey.


It’s critical to reassure your clients that they’re in good hands and that you care about them and their outcomes.

Show them how to contact you if they are stuck or require additional assistance.

Put it in there if you want to set some boundaries (which is perfectly fine!). Just make sure to phrase it positively and encouragingly. Because this isn’t the place to show them how to do things your way.

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