Are you tired of feeling uncertain about the terms and expectations in your group coaching relationships? Are you looking for a way to ensure a professional and organized process for your clients? This group coaching contract template is the solution you’ve been searching for! This comprehensive agreement outlines the purpose, responsibilities, and terms of the coaching relationship, providing clarity for both the coach and the group.

Say goodbye to confusion and miscommunication, and hello to a structured and effective coaching process with our group coaching contract template.


A Group coaching is an effective way for a group of individuals to work towards common goals with the guidance and support of a professional coach.

A group coaching contract serves as a written agreement between the coach and the group, outlining the expectations, responsibilities, and terms of the coaching relationship.

By having a written agreement in place helps to ensure clear communication and understanding between the coach and group, and can help to avoid confusion or misunderstandings throughout the coaching process.

In this article, I will cover the key components of a group coaching contract, including the purpose of the agreement, term, responsibilities of the coach and group, fees, confidentiality, governing law, and more.

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Before I dive into the components of a good and reliable Group Coaching Contract Template, I want to talk about the purpose of the agreement.

Why you should have a Group Coaching Contract Agreement even if you are a Complete Beginner

  • To provide clarity on the coaching goals and expectations for both the coach and the group
  • To define the terms of the coaching relationship, including start and end dates and provisions for early termination
  • To outline the responsibilities of both the coach and the group, including the number of coaching sessions, support, participation, and completion of tasks
  • To specify the fees for coaching services, including the total fee and payment schedule
  • To ensure confidentiality in the coaching process and maintain privacy for the group
  • To provide a legally binding agreement governed by jurisdiction for any disputes
  • To serve as the entire agreement, superseding all prior agreements and allowing for future amendments with written consent from both parties.

Without further ado, let’s get started on the components of the group Coaching Contract Template that you should include.

Life Coaching Contract and Agreements Must-Have Components

1. Purpose of the Agreement

A. The purpose of the Group Coaching Contract Template is to clearly define the coaching goals for the group. This section should outline the specific outcomes the group and coach are working towards, such as developing leadership skills, improving teamwork, or enhancing communication.

Additionally, this section should clarify the expectations of both the coach and the group. This may include expectations around the frequency and duration of coaching sessions, communication between sessions, and the level of participation and engagement required from the group.

By defining the goals and expectations up front, both the coach and the group can be better aligned and focused on achieving the desired outcomes.

2. Term of the Agreement

The term of the agreement outlines the start and end dates of the coaching relationship. This section should specify the beginning and ending dates of the coaching program, and the number of sessions included within that time frame.

The term of the agreement should also include provisions for early termination. This may include circumstances under which either the coach or the group may choose to end the coaching relationship before the agreed upon end date, such as if the group’s goals are met earlier than expected, or if the coach determines that the group is not making progress towards their goals.

This section helps to provide a clear understanding of the timeline for the coaching relationship, as well as any circumstances that may result in an early termination.

3. Responsibilities of the Coach

The responsibilities of the coach should include the number of coaching sessions that will be provided to the group.

This may include the frequency and duration of each session, as well as any additional sessions that may be added as needed.

The coach should also be available for email or phone support between sessions, to provide additional guidance and support to the group as they work towards their goals. The support includes responding to questions, providing feedback, or offering additional resources.

The coach’s primary responsibility is to provide support and guidance to help the group achieve their goals. Coach may facilitating group discussions, offering feedback and coaching techniques, and holding the group accountable to their commitments and goals.

The coach should be committed to helping the group grow and develop, and should use their expertise and experience to help the group reach their full potential.

4. Responsibilities of the Group

The responsibilities of the group should include attendance at all coaching sessions. This helps to ensure that the group is able to receive the full benefits of the coaching process and make progress towards their goals.

The group should also commit to openness and honesty in the coaching process. The group should encourage tp be open to feedback, participating in group discussions, and sharing their experiences and challenges with the coach and other members of the group.

Active participation in the coaching process is also important for the group.

Actively participating in group discussions, completing assigned tasks, and implementing what they learn during coaching sessions in their daily lives.

Finally, the group should be committed to completing any assigned tasks, such as reading assigned materials, participating in exercises, or completing homework assignments. These tasks are designed to help the group make progress toward their goals and are an important part of the coaching process.

By committing to their responsibilities, the group can maximize the benefits they receive from the coaching process and achieve their desired outcomes.

5. Fees

The fees section of the agreement should outline the total fee for the coaching services being provided. This should include the cost of each session, as well as any additional services or resources that may be provided, such as email or phone support.

The payment schedule should also be outlined in this section, including the due date for each payment and the methods of payment accepted.

The agreement should also include a non-refundable policy, which specifies that the fees paid for the coaching services are non-refundable. This policy helps to ensure that the coach is compensated for their time and expertise, even if the group chooses to terminate the coaching relationship early or does not fully participate in the coaching process.

Having a clear understanding of the fees and payment schedule can help to ensure a smooth and successful coaching experience for both the coach and the group.

6. Confidentiality

The agreement should include a section on confidentiality, in which both the coach and the group agree to maintain confidentiality regarding all information shared during coaching sessions.

This helps to create a safe and trustworthy environment for open and honest discussions, and protects the privacy of all parties involved.

The confidentiality section should also include an exception for requirements of law, which specifies that the coach or group may be required to disclose information if required by law or legal proceedings.

7. Governing Law

The governing law section of the agreement specifies the jurisdiction for any disputes that may arise during the coaching relationship. This helps to ensure that any legal issues are handled in a fair and consistent manner, and that the rights and obligations of all parties are clearly defined and understood.

The governing law may be specified as the law of the state in which the coaching takes place, or may be based on the laws of a different jurisdiction if specified in the agreement.

Having a clear understanding of the confidentiality and governing law provisions can help to ensure a smooth and successful coaching experience for both the coach and the group.

8. Entire Agreement

The entire agreement section should specify that this agreement supersedes all prior agreements, whether written or verbal, between the coach and the group. This is to ensure that any prior understandings or agreements are replaced by the terms of this agreement.

This section should also emphasize the importance of the agreement being the entire agreement between the coach and the group, and that any additional or different terms not included in this agreement will not be binding unless agreed to in writing by both parties.

9. Amendments

The amendments section should include provisions for making changes to the agreement, including the process for adding or modifying any of the terms of the agreement. This could mean that both the coach and the group have to agree and give their written permission.

This section should also specify that any changes to the agreement must be made in writing and executed by both parties in order to be valid and enforceable.

It helps to ensure that all changes to the agreement are clearly documented and agreed to by both parties. Having a clear process for making changes to the agreement can help to ensure that the agreement remains up-to-date and reflective of the current coaching relationship.

Download free group coaching contract template

This is an example of a group coaching contract template that you can download. Simply copy and paste into Google Docs and you are great to go.


This agreement (“Agreement”) is made on [insert date] between [Life Coach name], hereinafter referred to as the “Coach” and [Group name], hereinafter referred to as the “Client”.

Purpose: The Coach will provide group life coaching services to the Client, with the aim of helping the Client reach their personal and professional goals.

Duration: The coaching relationship will begin on [insert start date] and will end on [insert end date], unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

Responsibilities of Coach: The Coach will provide the Client with the following services:

[insert number] group coaching sessions of [insert duration], held [insert frequency and location].

Preparation and delivery of customized coaching sessions, based on the Client’s needs and goals.

Availability to answer questions and provide support between coaching sessions via email or phone.

Responsibilities of Client: The Client will be responsible for:

Attending all scheduled coaching sessions and being on time.

Completing any homework or assignments given by the Coach.

Providing honest feedback and participation in coaching sessions.

Fees: The Client will pay the Coach a fee of [insert amount] for the coaching services described in this Agreement. The fee will be paid [insert payment schedule].

Cancellation Policy: If the Client cancels a coaching session with less than [insert number of days] days’ notice, the session will be forfeited.

Confidentiality: The Coach agrees to keep all information shared by the Client during coaching sessions confidential, except as required by law.

Termination: Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time, with written notice to the other party.

Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior negotiations, representations, and agreements, whether written or oral.

Amendments: This Agreement may only be amended in writing, signed by both parties.

Governing Law: This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the [insert jurisdiction].

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned have executed this Agreement as of the date first above written.

[Life Coach name] [Group name]

[Coach signature] [Client signature]

I also have a Canva version of the life coaching contract and agreement. Since it is made in Canva, it is very easy to edit, change the color, add logo, and customize it to make it more professional. If you would like to check out the life coaching contract and agreement, click here.

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