Trello Business Binder for small business owner,coaches, course creators, service providers | Trello Template



?Are you ready to get your business organized and have a system in place?

❌No more of these ??
⏱ Wasting time looking for your business’s essential
?Not having repeatable templates and systems because you have no organization in place.
??‍♀️Forgot where do you put your business logo images, not having uniform color branding throughout your marketing materials.
??‍♀️Does not keep track of your growth
What if you could have more time for your passion, family or time for YOU? By just keeping your business operation organized.

✨Introducing Smart Business Binder!✨
A place where you can plan, track, store, and organize your business information, important links, templates, and scripts, all in ONE place within this Smart Business Binder Trello Template.

?Think of this Business Binder as a central hub for your business?
?Who is this Business Binder Trello Template for?

This Smart Business Binder is perfect for solopreneurs, coaches, course creators, service providers and busy moms who are managing a small business by themselves.

If you are a business owner and you still have a business binder, this Trello board is Definitely a tool you shouldn’t be doing business without.

Create a system for planning and keeping your business operations documentation + business data/resources on track.
?Benefits of this Business Binder Trello Template

With this Smart Business Binder, you will

✅Be more efficient and have more time to grow your business
✅ Have less stress, frustration, internal resistance, and wasted energy.
✅ Become more systematic, organized and have a system in place..
✅ Know where your business is lacking, fix it, and scale your business growth.
✅ Create a strong presence and lasting business

Get this business binder, and start listing all of your business’s important information, strategy, workflow, links, and sales.
Imagine you can see every nitty-gritty of the business that you are growing and does not miss anything important..
?What is included?
This Business Binder Trello template includes:

✅ Business Information
?Your branding kits
✅Your Products list
?Freebies , Lead Magnet, Opt in links
✅Email Sequences and Email templates
?Social Media you use
✅Meeting agenda and Team Members
?Business Workflow
?Courses you have purchased before
✅Important links for quick grab
?Swipe Files such as templates and scripts
✅Affiliate Links
?Clients details
✅Testimonial collection
?Software subscription
✅Monthly sales
?Monthly Views
✅Monthly and Quarterly Goals
?Podcast you love
✅Books you read
?Quotes you favorite
✅Other Trello board related to your business

Basically, anything that needs tracking in your business can have a home in this Trello board.

Never buy and forget a course or resources that you bought for your business again
How It Works?

What is Trello? Trello is a project management tool that use Kanbard board to view all projects and tasks. It is also avaible as an application in Apple store and Google Store..
The basic components of Trello are boards, lists, and card.
Read more about Trello here

This is a tool that i could not run my business without.
When I keep track of my business’s important information, strategy, workflow,links and details that I use for in business, it doubles my productivity level..

If you are not keeping track your business, you are running an expensive hobby. Instead, start document every workflow processes and keep track of every piece of my business. This Business Binder will help!

Keep your content organized TODAY

Due to nature of digital product, I don’t offer refund, exchange after sale.


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