Hi guys, I have been on and off blogging for the past few months now. In fact, I only have a few blogpost written in my blog. I recently hit $530 income solely from this blog, and in this blog posts I am going to share the most effective tips on how to make money blogging.

First of all, I couldn’t believe that I finally make money blogging. It’s been my dream to make money blogging. I’ve read so many blog posts to date and what I love reading the most are reading other bloggers income report . They are all inspiring! It’s like reading other people pay check and dreaming that you can made it too..

Check out 200+ income report how these blogger made $300-$100,000 blogging.
Here’s the link where you can check out 200 income report from bloggers from specific niche. It was a blog post created by one of my favorite bloggers from Bloggingherway.

My favourite profitable bloggers in 2021
Other than that, I also would like to list down a few favorite blogger that given tips on how to make money blogging. Most of them have provide a very great practical tips to make money blogging. Some of them give step by step guide for beginners just like me. I hope you they will help you to if you decided to start a blog and make money online.

1) straycurl.com



Can I make money blogging as a beginner?
I love reading all these blog because they definitely knows what they are talking about. But some of them have been blogging for years where as I am just about to get started in 2021.Not only that, I also have a full time job i.e working as a doctor in Hospital. I would take 2-3 years to write gazillion of good content and implement blogging SEO tips, back linking and everything.

In fact,I have a different approach on how I made my first $530 blogging my spending less than 4 hours a week on my blog. But at the end of day, it is still the same way if making money online. I only implement a few things. And thankfully, it works. So I’m going to share with you, my own tips and tricks on how can you make money blogging in this blog post as well. And I hope that you will get inspired.

Reason why you should start blogging in 2021
Before we dive in into the blog posts, I just want to tell you the reason why I want to tap this blogging income area. First of all, income from blogging is can be passive. Once you establish your niche or your authority, it doesn’t requires too much work. Of course there’s so much things to do in the beginning, you have to put a lot of of upfront work in the beginning. But that’s okay because you got to put effort to build a business right? But I like the idea that this blogging business can be automated.

My other passive and automated income in 2021
Just like how I do it now in my online business, apart from this blogging income, I also make other passive income from a few other platforms. I made income from Etsy, and I also made income from selling my own digital product, which is from my Canva Masterclass and Etsy Masterclass in Bahasa Melayu for Malaysian.

Untap affiliate marketing and income
How I am able to make my first $500 blogging with a low monthly traffic is surprisingly not from affiliate income. If you ask me about affiliate income, I am not the expert here. Plus, I earned $0 using affiliate marketing. And that’s because I never bothered to register for an affiliate and promote the affiliate program. Not because I don’t want to, but..

If you’re fairly new to my blog, I’m Dr. Anys, despite of my busy schedule at hospital, I able to create Six Figure online business and that makes me doesn’t really have time to do all things in business. This is one of the reason why I not able to start my own affiliate empire yet. But I definitely interested in it because I don’t have to create my product to sell and probably will try it later when the time comes .

Affiliate marketing or income is an income you earn by promoting other people’s product. There’s definitely a pro’s and con’s using affiliate marketing but it’s a great way to earn income for beginners.

Ways to make money using blog in 2021

There are so many ways that you can make money through blogging.

1.Selling Digital Product

One of the ways to make money from blogging is by selling your own digital product. And this is my favorite way.

2. Affiliate marketing
Second way is through affiliate marketing. I’m not good at it. But I’ve seen so many people have seen having great result doing the affiliate marketing either affiliate marketing from Amazon or from people who provide an affiliate program for their course or products.

3. Advertising
Third way is from advertising media, Media Vine or other platform. Personally, before this, I have this vision that I want to make money from ads I just need to drive traffic so my blog and I can make money and I’m at in making money from ads. Like $1,000 per month is enough for me if I can create that passive income just driving traffic to my blog.

But the thing is, it takes time for you to build traffic’s for you to build traction for you to have a viral blog posts. In once you hit 10k per month views are shown Are 50k per minute sessions that you can apply for these profitable advertisers like media vine itself equals require 50k views for you to apply and for you to get accepted and earn income from them.

So before you reach that kind of views I highly recommend for you to sell your own products, creating digital products has never been a waste especially Now the internet is saturated with people so There’s a lot of opportunity if you create your own product and sell it

The breakdown of how made my first $500 blogging with low traffic
How made my first $500 blogging is by selling my own digital products in my blog. Most of my sold products are Done-For-You content and Canva templates.

These are the exact digital products that have sold. The Canva templates and hot selling Done-For-You content.

Basically, I learn Canva to actually make money blogging and make money on Etsy and finally with my 2 years experience, I teach people on how to make money using Canva.
So is never going to be a waste if you learn Canva. if you want to learn Canva for business or How To Make Money using Canva. You can enroll into my course here.
This course is in English, I recommend for you to join the course today if you want to start your own empire, make money online and make money blogging.

Learn how you can make money selling Done-For-You content.
Apart from selling Canva templates, I also selling done for you content and this done for you content is so powerful as it helps a lot of people to kickstart their business, they got their content ready because some people are some intrapreneurs are not sure what content to create in the beginning. So when they have a content around their interest they can get start their business quickly. That’s how I create my business as well. I buy done for your content, and give it for free to my viewers or my potential clients. That’s how I generate leads in the beginning of my business.

If you want to know how to make money using done for you content, I have a coaching programs where we have a weekly coaching call, and I’ll teach you how to make money using the done for you content.

Once you’ll learn how to make a done for your content and sell it your profit will double and triple from the investment that you made by joining my coaching programs. I am going to teach you step by step strategies on how I able to make money selling Done-For-You content. So if you want to learn how can you make a time where content can apply here..