Hi! Welcome to my blog. If you are fairly new here, I am Dr Anys. I am a full time practioner, a momma to be , and a digital product seller. I sell tons of digital products to increase productivity for coaches,course creators and business owners here in the shop.

If you are here, I know you desire wealth and success in your business. There’s nothing wrong with that. We all deserve to be rich AF as we welcome abundance, money, wealth, prosperity, positive energy, joy, and happiness in our life..

Daily practice of affirmations plays a big role in my success in life. I highly recommend for you to choose one of these affirmations and affirm it everyday for 90 days. You will see a massive difference in your life and business!

  1. Abundance is everywhere around me 
  2. I am abundant, rich, deserving, wealthy, worthy 
  3. I live my life in an abundance of money 
  4. If others can be wealthy, so can I 
  5. I am grateful for all money I have now
  6. I attract more money and more clients in my business
  7. I trust my systems 
  8. I trust myself
  9. I believe my business can work on autopilot
  10. I believe I can work whenever I want to 
  11. I am enough 
  12. I am loved, I am strong, I am respected, I am full of gratitude
  13. I live in abundance and prosperity 
  14. Money attracted to me
  15. The more values I give, the more rich I am
  16. I attract my dream clients to taste my dream business
  17. I welcome an unlimited source of income into my life 
  18. My income is growing higher and higher 
  19. I radiate joy, happiness and positivity to my clients’
  20. I welcome 6 figure business with ease 
  21. I release all the negativity and doubts 
  22. I let go of my fear and self doubt
  23. I am ready to allow miracles to flow into my life
  24. Everything I touch turn into gold and glitters
  25. I am rich gal and rich boss
  26. Rich is save and I am rich AF
  27. Money is root of joy and comfort 
  28. I welcome wealth and abundance 
  29. I have a healthy and wealthy mindset
  30. I welcome opportunity and prosperity
  31. I am grateful with my current business system
  32. I am ready to up leveling
  33. I get what I want and I live on my own terms
  34. I am living my dream life and my dream business
  35. I enjoy coaching and being coached 
  36. I attract new clients at ease
  37. I am blessed beyond measures
  38. I attract deeper connections
  39. I am overflowing with positivity 
  40. I have a positive mindset 
  41. I believe in automations and autopilot
  42. I believe with my positive actions, something big is about to happen
  43. I love investing and others love investing in me 
  44. I know what I am doing and best yet to come
  45. I believe in myself and universe
  46. The more I give , the more I get
  47. The more I give , the more I attract
  48. The more I give , the more I receive 
  49. I am creating the life of my dreams 
  50. My life is levelling up and I’m about to experience something new 
  51. I allow creativity to flow through me with ease 
  52. I am successful in everything I do 
  53. I am powerful creator 
  54. I deserve to be well paid for my work 
  55. Money flows easily into my life 
  56. Prosperity flows to and through me at all times
  57. I create positive and supportive environments
  58. I am worthy of love and wealth 
  59. I deeply and completely accept myself
  60. I am 100% confident with my ability to coach clients
  61. I have everything to succeed in life
  62. I am thankful with everything I have 
  63. My past experiences do not define me
  64. I am strong and resilient 
  65. My life is full with abundance and happiness
  66. My life is bursting with joy, happiness and prosperity 
  67. I am safe to be rich
  68. I am worthy of my dream and autopilot business
  69. I am stronger than I think 
  70. I go after my dreams 
  71. I am unaffected by others judgement 
  72. I focus on what I can control
  73. I let go of what I can’t control
  74. I am money magnet, money is drawn to me  
  75. I am attracting money at this very moment 
  76. I will never give up on my goals and dreams 
  77. I accomplish everything I focus on 
  78. My success is inevitable and I am always on the right path 
  79. My income is constantly increasing 
  80. My mind is powerful magnet for wealth and abundance
  81. My actions create prosperous result 
  82. I have what it takes to be successful coach
  83. My source of income is unlimited 
  84. I love up-leveling myself and my business
  85. I love being visible and make more impact 
  86. What I do today, make thousands impact tomorrow
  87. I am getting ahead by get started now
  88. The more values I give, the more rich I am 

?Choose one of these affirmations and affirm it everyday for the next 90 days. 

Trust me, you will see a massive difference in your life and business!??‍♀️