The Ultimate Blogging Biz Tools

When starting out, I know the tech struggle is real. I literally don’t know where to start and where to invest. I took multiple online courses with the hope that they going to show me exactly what I need to do to kick start a profitable online business and actually scale it but I have not found the right until now. Hence I decided I am going to take you who has the same problem with me and embark this journey together.

Growing a blog and a business itself take time thus I don’t know for you to waste your time looking for a perfect tech stuff because I list it all here the good ones for you !

Don’t start your online business without reading this !

Web hosting  and domain

Hosting and domain is a MUST for everybody who want to start a blog or an online business. It is a fundamental to have your own hosting and domain if you are going to use for your blog. I recommend for you to use because you have full control of your website. If you still want to use Blogspot, go ahead but trust me WordPress has a lot more features and tools to build your blog and online business.


I know hosting and domain is a commitment but there is annual plan that you can subscribe so you only paid once at a discounted price.


I started using hosting and domain from this site because it is easy and cheap for me. Plus they are Malaysia based (the country I live) so it is for me to get in touch with support team in the beginning.

Email Service Provider:




Landing Pages, Sales Funnels


Thrive Architect



Etsy theme

Thrive theme

Sell your online course




Record your online course

Quicktime player


Final Cut Pro

Graphic Editing



Social media management



Thrive Ultimatum