If you didn’t read my resource page yet which contain a long list of recommended tools (check it out here), this might be your first time hearing of Netkl. But if you already familiar with this name then great! NetKl is a hosting and domain provider like GoDaddy, Bluehost and Site ground. Why I choose Netkl in the first place is because it is freaking cheap for a beginner.

RM60($20) Investment

Literally, to start a website and a blog, I just need to invest RM60 for a new domain and a year subscription. This is totally a bargain for me! because from what I read on the internet, it is quite costly to start your own website in terms of the monthly commitment. Netkl makes it possible for me to start a blog with a low budget.

Now It has been almost 2 years since I use Netkl. Even though there is RM60/year Beginner’s package but I started using the GoldX package which cost RM100/year because I want more disc storage usage.

More disk storage, databases,bandwidth,domains

With PlatinumX, I upgrade to 10gb disc storage, 100gb monthly bandwidth, 30 MyDQL Databases, 10 add on Domain and Unlimited park Domain. My subdomain also unlimited which is very cool.

Now after 1 year and a half using that package, I decided to upgrade since I require more space in my blog to upload photos, etc. I hope this won’t hurt my pocket because by next year I will continue using the PlatinumX package which costs RM200/year. But I might switch to siteground since siteground is having a similar price range. Let’s see by the end of this year ..

Easy payment method

Being almost 2 years of NetKL user, my website and I have never face any problem. The interface is user friendly and really suitable for Malaysian since it allows online transfer through Maybank2u,Cimbclick and etc. However, you don’t have to worry if you are not staying in Malaysia but want to use this hosting , you can pay through Paypal as well!

Anyway , this is Netkl packages that are available for those who are considering using Netkl services.

Does not have to renew entire package

By upgrading from GoldX to PlatinumX, I do not renew the entire package but basically they calculated for me my unused day of subscription. Since we already in June (i started my plan late December) and we got half of the year to go, so I only pay half of the total which is just a fair and square payment. I just need to add another RM50 to get the Platinum X.

10 GB storage. Yay !

Now I have 10 GB of storage which gives me a bit more freedom to install anything and upload anything I want. 🙂 You can check your disc storage by login to your panel account (like this http://anysnadhilah.com/cpanel ) then, click disc storage to see your disc usage.

How many disc usage left in your account? Let me know in the comment section down below so I am not the only one who was almost full.