Do you want a coaching discovery call script template that going to save you a bunch of time? Do you want to use the discovery call script as part of a secret weapon in your sales system?

If your answer is yes, then you are in good hands. In this article, I am going to share my simple discovery call scripts that are strategic to convert your prospect to high-end clients. And I decided to give this discovery call script template for free now…

I also make a pdf and a google doc for this template where I explained a little bit more details and include more questions that you can ask inside the pdf and the google doc.. Check it out here

Before we dive in, if you are new to the coaching world, read my 7 Basic on How to Start A Coaching Business for Beginner here. Also, check out my done-for-you content for coaches and course creators here.

Why you need done-for-you discovery call script?

For a lot of successful coaches, discovery call is the secret weapon as part of the profitable coaching sales system. You definitely don’t want to have a call situation where you don’t know what to say or ask your potential clients in the call..You also don’t want a conservation that sounds pushy where it is all about your offer.

Instead, a powerful discovery or sales call is all about your potential clients. Yes, right! It is all about them! and lastly, you need to have a systematic yet proven discovery call to convert your prospect to recurring clients. This is where my articles going to help you..

The Principles of A Powerful Discovery Call

The principle is you need to be the leader of this call. You need to be clear about the direction and the goal of the call that you are going to have. Don’t feel awkward presenting your offer even without any experiences before..

Remember, your service is to help them and in return you need to charge them in order for you to make a living. Make sense ?

Another principle is to breach the gap between where your client right now and where they truly want to be..

Confide your client that you are the right one to solve their problem and moving them forward..  I have break down the templates into 8  parts

Part 1 : Break the ice! Open the conversation
Part 2 : Manage Expectation
Part 3 : Why? and What?

Part 4 : The gap
Part 5 : Connecting the dots
Part 6 : Your irresistible offer
Part 7 : Reveal the price
Part 8 : Thank you

Without further ado, let’s hop into the template that you can copy them..

Discovery call script part 1 : Break the ice! Open of the conversation

You may start the conversation by just asking them questions related to their background and daily lives. The is as simple questions as just asking their condition and where they live. You can ask other questions as’

You : “Hi (client’s name), how are you?”

Client : I am good.

You : “Great! Well (client’s name), where do you come from? “

Client : (answer where they are from)

if you are familiar with where they are from, share something that you know or love about their city/country to build instant connection and rapport.

You : “Oh you are from Australia? I love Australia! I have a cousin there who studied in Sydney. I was actually looking forward to travel there but due to the pandemic, it has to be hold.

Be authentic! you know what you can response best based on the situation..

You : So what do you prefer me to call you?”

Discovery call script part 2 : Manage Expectation

Now move the expectation. The purpose of the agenda is

  • to thank them for hoping into your discovery call
  • to tell them what to expect from the call
  • to give a head up that you are going to share your offer and how you both can work together

You : Wonderful, Thank you so much for signing up for (strategy session / discovery call session / audit session) with me today..

I’m so glad that we are able to connect today to embark a new transformational journey. This is the call that you scheduled to talk about (eg sales sizzling system, starting a new course , etc .)

We’ve got 30 minutes for this call today so if it’s okay with you, I would love to dive right in..

Client : Yep

You : I’ve got series of questions I want to ask to make sure I know exactly where you are at and what are your challenges . Once I have a better idea, I will share some of my strategy that I think will help you today.. and if I feel like we both are a good fit, I will share with you on how we can work together.

Does that sound good to you ?

Discovery call script part 3 : Discovering their why..

It is important to get crystal clear of why the hop into the call today. Take a note and jot down their why on paper if it necessary. Nail their why so that you can nail the solution.

Here are some why question that you can ask..

You :

” What have brought you here today and why do you want to book this dicovery call? ”

” Why do you really want that ”

” What are you struggling now”

” Tell me more about that”

” Why is that? ”

”If you have whatever you want in (areas of which your client’s struggle) what your life will be look like?”

”What are you hoping to accomplish from todays call? ”

Discovery call script part 4 : The gap.

You :

”What is your biggest challenge or obstacle to achieve that?”

”How do you think can overcome those challenges or obstacles?

”If you were able to overcome that challenge with (use their answer), what it would feel like?”

”What is your ultimate dream?”

”Why don’t you have that right now?”

”How you can have that?”

Discovery call script part 5 : Connecting the dots

Connecting the dot is so important to make sure your client’s feel being heard and you truly understand their pain points and problems..

You :

”Thank you so much for sharing. That’s exactly why I am so excited to talk with you. ”

”You said that you having difficulty in ‘their struggle/challenges/obstacle’ and you want to ‘their desire’. You feel like by achieving/having/being ‘their desire’ you will able to ‘their dream’.

Is that right ?”

Discovery call script part 6 : Your irresistible offer

You :  ”Given what you have shared with me , I have the program that I think it will be a great fit for you. Would you be interested to hear that?

You :  ‘Coach’s program’ is 6 months program where you will learn _____ that will allow you to create a business of your dream so that _______.

We focus on _________ so that _______

What you will get inside the program are..

What do you think ?

Client : awesome.

You :  Great! so are you ready to start your dream coaching program?

Do you have any questions so far?”

Wait for their answer then ask about their commitment

Discovery call script part 7 : Reveal the price

You :

”Do you have any commitment now? ”

”Do you think you can commit to with the program if this program will be 10x your income and be able to turn your ‘struggles and challenges‘ to ‘their dream’ ?

”the initial investment of the program is $$$ ,with monthly payments of $$$”

wait and let them think and sink.

”We also have Pay in full plan that will save you 10% of the total value.

This is an investment that you don’t want to miss to skyrocket ‘their desired result’.

”so are you ready to start your dream coaching program? ”

if they say yes, it’s time to congratulate them.

Discovery call script part 8 : Thank you

”Congratulations! and thank you for enrolling..I am really looking forward to working with you. Our next steps are that I will send you an agreement forms which needs to be completed by (time span), then we will take care of the initial payment and I will send you some welcome information through your emails. You will also be added to my VIP Facebook group where you can ask questions to me 24/7. ”

”So which credit card would you like to use?

Let’s get our first session booked. Do you have your calendar with you ? ”

That’s all for today’s discovery call or strategy session call script for coaches and bloggers who want to start coaching program..

Don’t forget to download pdf and google doc of this call script where I explained more details and give more questions and answers option.. You can print out the pdf or you can make a quick edit inside the google doc and print it out. See you next week on other articles, coaches!

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