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Introducing Healing Redefine Your Path & Destiny Done For You Coaching Program for Life Coaches, Healing Coaches, Spiritual Coach, Visualization, Meditation.

Calling for life coaches!

Are you looking to teach clients how to make a positive change in their life?

This workbook was designed to help them remodel their destiny and put the control back in their hands.

Created by life coaches, this brandable eBook Canva template will provide you with step-by-step guidelines to reach your client’s goals and assist in living the life they’ve always wanted.

The done-for-you workbook guides them through goal-setting, action planning, visualization, and meditation, so they can jump-start their career, redefine relationships, and achieve greater success.

Give or sell this done-for-you ebook to your clients so that they can learn to reframe your mentality, reclaim control of your life, and create success on your terms.

Grab this digital workbook and get started on your journey to success.

What’s included in this done-for-you brandable ebook?

– 71 pages ebook (that you can rebrand into a coaching program, coaching bonuses, challenges, or webinar)

Topics covered in this done-for-you brandable ebook are:

Ebook name: Healing Redefine Your Path & Destiny

71 pages of…
Chapter 1: Know Yourself
Chapter 2 – Do Not Break, Just Bend Up to Your Capacity
Chapter 3 – Use Your Visualization Power
Chapter 4 – How Feeling and Looking Your Best Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams
Chapter 5 – Ways to Live a Life Without Excuses
Chapter 6 – Meditation – Complete Walk Through
Chapter 7 – Challenge Yourself to Walk on Water
Chapter 8 – Stay Clear of Toxic People and Behaviors
Chapter 9 – Building Your Support Network
Chapter 10 – Summing Up Everything Together

This ebook is perfect for:

– Life coach
– Visualization coach
– Success coach
– Meditation coach
– Healing coach
– Self-love and self-care coach
– Spiritual coach
– Wellness coach

Sneak peek of what’s inside the ebook:

Many people simply don’t know themselves well enough to live a satisfying life, and this can be very sad. Whether it is a traumatic past that keeps you stuck, or it is simply a lack of self-knowledge or discipline, we all have to know who we are at the most fundamental level. Many people are so disconnected from themselves that they don’t even know what it is they like or don’t like. Now is the time to find these things out.

If you have a hard time with this, now is the time to trust your friends and family to help you see yourself objectively. Ask them what they think your biggest pet peeves are, what you truly care about, and what it is you enjoy doing the most. Consider their opinions on your flaws and weaknesses, and vices that you might need to keep in check. Remember that the fastest way to empowerment is in knowing your own weaknesses. Honesty about these weaknesses helps you to develop them so that they are no longer holding you back. Keep it up until you have been able to build them into strengths!

What you will receive after purchase?

– A PDF contains a link to Canva templates
– A tutorial on how to use the Canva templates

License | What you can and can’t do?

You can use this ebook for your personal use and commercial use.
You can give this for free or sell it to your coaching clients.
You cannot give these DFY Canva templates to anyone.
You cannot transfer the license to others.

Refund policy:

Due to the nature of digital products, all product sales are final and non-refundable. However, if you have any problem, I’ll be happy

to assist.


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