Hi ! Dr Anys here. I’m writing a quick blog post to share with you my recent Macbook Wallpaper for desktop that I created using Canva.

This Canva desktop wallpaper are perfect as a desktop background wallpaper for your Macbook, iMac, or PC .

I specifically created this Canva desktop wallpaper for female solopreneurs out there as I myself as a solopreneur need an immediate productivity boost and reminder. I created this Canva wallpaper real quick using existing templates in Canva to remind me to not let perfection stand in my way..

The theme of these Canva Desktop Wallpapers is geared toward motivation and positive vibes only. Feel free to use it or edit it in Canva for free.

Click here to access the Desktop Wallpaper Templates in Canva

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Disclaimer: I do not design and own these wallpaper and templates. These wallpapers are owned by Canva..

Right-click and save the wallpaper or download Desktop Wallpaper Templates in Canva for FREE here..