Do you want to finally turn your dream of being a 6 Figure Course Creator to reality? 

In this post, I will cover time-saving and productivity tips on how to take your online course from dream to done like a boss!

Frankly speaking , as a full-time 8-5 pm corporate job employee, when it comes to creating an exceptional online course, I tend to procrastinate.

Let’s be honest, creating content for the online course is not easy solely because it takes a lot of our time to do research, outline, organize ideas, and to actually produce the course. It’s a lot of work! We need to juggle between business, 9-5 work and daily life.

But if you have a system and tools in place that would take off some of your burdens, then everything will be a lot easier and seamless. 

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Here are my best top tips on how can you quickly start creating your dream online course today. Let’s get your dream to done!

1. Use Done For You content

This is my favorite tips! If creating your course content is giving you nightmares, use shortcuts such as premade content and premade templates for online course business. 

Try using Done-For-You content packages and teach your tribe with content in it.

You will not only get top-quality lessons on various topics, you can also customize and brand the content and really make your own.

Create a checklist, action plans, exercises, resource directories and more using the done for you content.. 

Using done-for-you content will cut your work enormously. 

And not only, the done-for-you content is well-researched; but it also covers tons of topics that you might not think of. 

(P/s Female CEO Club -my membership also offers a VIP Club which allows you to have full entire shop access to my products including done for you content, including forms and kits.)

You can take it a step further by adding your own unique voice to this structure, basic lesson content that you can expand on and customize yourself. 

2. Use premade templates 

You can also use helpful templates and software to set your course landing page and sales page up like Elementor or LeadPages® as a page builder that provides customizable, brand-able templates that will certainly fulfill this need. 

This way, you can just plug and play the templates with just one click of installation. Plus there are various elegant, fun, and aesthetic templates that you choose and purchased online that fits your own style.. 

An example of the Sales Page Template made using Elementor is my own Bright and Sunny Sales Page Elementor Template.


The sections are strategically designed to walk your audience from problems to solutions which is your amazing course. It also has built-in bullets, checkboxes, and a pricing table that makes selling your course easier. 

Take a closer look at the template here..

Why use Elementor templates ?

1. Cheap and affordable – for only $49, you get access to their Pro features. And if didn’t require annual support, you can just purchase one time

2. Work flawlessly with self-hosted . I love set up my business using because the monthly cost doesn’t take an arm and leg. This way you can run your course business at low risk with low investment which is perfect for solopreneurs and beginners!

3. One-click installation. When you install the templates right, everything will look just like the demo! So what you see is what you get. You only need to customize the colors according to your brand and add in a few related links.

This way you can cut the cost of hiring designers and web developer because the installation is so easy! 

These Elementor templates also save time…  and, more important, it give you a consistent structure and layout. This helps your business look and feels professional and well-organized.

3. Use predesigned course Canva templates 

Canva is my favorite design tool and one of the tools that I swear by in my life.

In fact, I started my digital business by selling Canva designs and templates. 

Canva templates help me create my own online course at a breeze, especially when the templates are designed specifically for course creators. 

For example, this Canva template is made with course creators and coaches in mind.. 

Check this out..

With these Canva templates, you can create as many courses and as many modules and lessons using the same repeated design, branding, and structures. You might change the style once in a while but branding repetition is key.

Why? Because repetition is one of the key building blocks of establishing authority.  You need to consistently present content in the same way and in the same order. People find repetition reassuring.

It also helps “stamp” a process in their brains which builds a habit of returning to that process again and again.

As a recap to take your course creation from dream to done, you might need.. 

The advantage of templates and content from sources like FemaleCEO Club is you are being able to create a true “rinse-and-repeat” process for your courses, course modules, and sales page that all professionally consistent and flawless.

All you have to do is stamp them with your unique branding elements and customize the content with your own takes on topics. 

In conclusion, using templates and DFY content, templates and services  saves you hours of work, and makes your branding and online course look cohesive, ultra-professional and top quality.

This helps you avoid failure to show up consistently and mistakes that would weaken your business.

These are the exact tried and tested content creation secrets by yours truly to help your course business from dream to done! Good luck in starting your online business;)

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