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“150 Life Coach Mental Health Instagram CANVA Templates | Life Coach Instagram Engagement Booster| Boho Instagram Post Templates | mental Health Social Media Post | Coaching Instagram Post | life coach social media template

Introducing Life Coach Instagram Template Pack (Boho Edition)!

Are you a life coach? This life coach social media template is perfect for you!
These mental health educational Instagram templates are the most effective way to grow your following and boost engagement with your followers.

Purchase this and BE DONE FOR 5 MONTHS’ worth of content!

I know most of my audience is a life coach and most of you are about to kick start your coaching journey.

If yes, why don’t you use Instagram post and carousels as your professional platform to educate and land your dream clients?

And I make it SUPER easy for you. Just post this done for you ready-made social media post and be done for 5 months worth of content! These Instagram/Facebook templates are made specifically made for life coaches LIKE YOU! No edit required!

Why you need to grab this Instagram life coach starter pack?

– You want a shortcut and time-saving done for you content + templates
– You want ready-to-post content that will make your life easier
– You want to focus on other things than creating graphics for your business
– You didn’t want to hire a designer or design it by yourself
– I already did the research for you in providing good content in this ready-to-post Instagram templates
– It’s time for you to reach your potential clients and strengthen your visibility game
– Grab attention with great infographics and educational content

This Life Coach Instagram templates starter pack will..

– Save research
– Save ideas
– Save hours of time , money and energy!
– Provide Values to Followers
– Make you appear as an expert or a leader in your field coz you ACTUALLY ARE!

What are the topics covered in this 150 Instagram life coach?
The educational content consists of ….

-The difference between growth and a limited mindset
-Wheel of Life
-What is anxiety and what type of anxiety disorders
-10 symptoms of anxiety disorder
-4 ways beating anxiety
-Best hobbies for anxiety
-Benefits of self-talk
-Negative self talk VS positive self-talk comparison
-Where your energy should flow
-Feeling overwhelmed? Remember RAIN
-Signs of emotionally exhausted
-How Self Sabotage looks like
-Tips to improve and support mental health
-Mental health do’s and don’ts
-Mental health check-in
-Reminders for bad days
-Goal setting technique
-Benefit of writing down your goals
-4 Quick tips for changing negative mood
-5 Ways to handle negative thoughts
-4 Questions to challenge your negative thoughts
-Tips for reframing your thoughts
-Healing Mindset
-24 things to help with inner healing
-How to validate your inner child
-Heal you inner child
-What is Reiki and benefits of Seichim Reiki

and A LOT MORE!!

3 Carousel Instagram post templates covering
– 5 steps to improve your mental health
– 8 best life tips to try
– 11 topics that you can address during life coaching sessions
– 5 steps to reach your goals fast

These are Done for you ready-to-post social media content Instagram Canva Templates are for

Life coach
Self-love coach
Self-care coach
Mindset coach
Goal setting coach
Meditation coach

These Library of 150+ Social Media Templates are

Fully editable in Canva free

Change color and font of choice in one click
Amazing content with attractive & neat design
Ready to plan and post!
Engage with your audience with ease
Turn your audience to customers

What’s Included in this 150 Life Coach Instagram post?

✅ 150 Social Media Marketing – Canva Editable Templates
✅(110+ education infographic, 30+ branding/marketing/engagement templates for life coach)
????5 Carousel Topics – Editable Templates (Life Coach Related)
????FREE Feed Planner in Canva


How it works?

– After purchase, you will receive a PDF file that contains the 150+ Instagram Canva Templates link ✔️
– You will also receive a Canva template link to plan your Instagram feed.✔️
– P/s No edit required for the educational content EXCEPT you need to replace ‘@yourinstagramhandle’ to YOUR NAME. ✔️
– After purchase, you will also get the tutorial on how to replace ‘@yourinstagramhandle’ to YOUR NAME. I will show you how to change the same word in the templates in a single click. ✔️
– You will only need Canva free account. I designed these templates without PRO elements.✔️

Save time, money, and effort and No design skills required
All the templates are ready-made so you don’t have to worry about creating social media posts.
Now you can focus on the other thing!


Templates are for personal use and your own business only. You CAN’T resell/redistribute any of these templates. All templates are copyrighted from Ⓒanysplanner | femaleceoclub”


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