Do you want to create an online course and make money while you sleep? 

‘Yes of course you do!’ I think everyone does. And selling an online course is one of the easy routes to start your online empire especially when you do it right.. 

So you may be just like me, a multi-passionate business owner and you might have tons of course ideas on your bucket list. To avoid overwhelm and have major success, we however need to niche down. So in this post, we will talk about How to Niche Down and Decide on Your Perfectly AIigned Course Idea.  

This is the Part 1 of How to Create A Fun Online Course Like A Boss. You can read this post for a general roadmap on how to create an Online Course Like a Boss make 6 Figure. 

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By the way, congratulations on deciding to create an online course. Now it’s time to take the necessary steps to take your course idea from being an ordinary course to an exceptional one that is perfect for your audiences.

Niche Down Tips 001
Understanding your ‘why’

You may have an idea about your course topic, but don’t rush into creating it just yet. 

 It’s very important that you are clear on what is your profitable course idea and why it is the best course topic for you, your branding, and your audience.

Getting clear on your “why” will ensure that you create the exact course that your ideal customer wants, solve their problems, and the one that stands out from the crowd and most importantly the one that makes you feel good for the long term.

There are three boxes your course idea has to “tick”, in order for it to be a top course creator in your niche.

It has to…

  • Focus on something you are passionate about teaching—something so easy for you, (p/s you might often take it for granted)
  • Solve the current most urgent problem or need for your ideal customers
  • Be in complete alignment with you and your business brand

Brainstorm as many ideas as you can but before you spend any more time on a particular idea, run it against the checklist of these three boxes, and make sure it hits all three✅.

Let’s go through these three criteria one by one, to see why they are so crucial to create the best selling and an exceptional course…

Checklist 1 : Identify Something You Are Passionate About

Knowing the “why” of your business is impossible unless you are fully confident and sure of the “who” in “who you are”.

This involves recognizing your strengths, skills and talents, accepting your weaknesses, and realizing that you are a unique person. Always remember that there is no one else like you with what you teach and your experiences.

So to identify something you really are passionate about, list down ..

  • your strengths
  • your skills and talents
  • your achievement
  • what you can spend hours on without realizing the time pass by
  • what you actually love that brings joy and creative outflow inside of you..

When you understand why you love and hate the things you do, why you struggle with certain things, where your values lie, what you love about yourself and what you hate, it suddenly becomes much easier to step onto your zone of genius and create something that sets you on fire and brings you joy.

Teaching a course that sets you on fire and brings you joy is an almost certain guarantee that you’ll do the same thing for your audience and students.

Plus when you do something that you love, there is a higher chance that you going to do this online course business for a long term.

Thus this is a powerful place to start figuring out before you start creating an online course.

Checklist 2 : Solve The Most Urgent Current Need For Your Ideal Customer

The best-selling online course is the course that solves a painful problem and urgent needs.

So how you can identify your ideal customer’s current most urgent need?

(P/s you can ask directly to your audience -what is their problem and what is their urgent need but sometimes they don’t even realize that they have the problem and what they actually need to solve it.)

So, As a leader in the online course world, you might have to answer these few questions yourself.

  • What the current course world is NOT supplying your ideal customer/student with, right now
  • “Missing pieces”- What other competitors may be deliberately not included in their course
  • What you can add that will make your course better aligned to your audience than every other expert’s course on the similar topic
  • What your audience is actually looking for vs. what is available online

For example, are there only advanced courses on a topic, when what she needs is a beginner-level introductory course?

Are current courses on the topic far too generalized and intensive, when what she needs is simply a course to teach her how to do one specific task?

And why are you the best person to help her out of this dilemma?  

Above all, what will she gladly and happily pay for, and how much will she be willing to pay? 

Checklist 3 : Be in Alignment with Your Business Brand

Finally, the last crucial test to apply to your course idea is :

Ask yourself, “Is this course in alignment with my business brand?

It’s important to look at your Big Picture when you are planning courses, rather than only being reactive to clients’ needs.

Let’s say you are teaching a “Transform Your Sales Funnel” course, and you are getting repeated complaints from your subscribers that they are getting bogged down by not understanding how email software works, how to segment lists or even set them up in their autoresponders, that’s a genuine problem that could potentially distract them and make them drop your course.

The problem is real—they’re talking about it. So what do you do? 

You have more than one option in offering a solution.

The real question is: Which one should you choose? 

For example, you could:

  1. Include a VA package as an upsell they can add, promising a one-time, 5-hour block of time from a VA partner to do the whole thing for them
  2. Provide links and resources sending them to tutorials or services they can check out
  3. Make it a component of your course and teach them how to do it
  4. Run a separate course on Autoresponder Management

There’s no one “right” answer to this—much depends on your particular audience and your own skills and interests plus on your brand, but if it’s a problem that might result in distracting people away from what you’re trying to teach, you do want to address it in some fashion. 

But do you really want to run a separate “Easy Autoresponder for Beginners” course if you are building your brand around “Sales Funnels” to a high-end clientele with the money to outsource?

The answer is most likely “No!That’s not in alignment with your locus. A better solution would be to recommend outsourcing services and provide links.

If you are a life coach, however, and your business is all about building self-esteem and removing blocks, ‘Autoresponder Management’ courses would actually weaken and dilute your brand. They’re irrelevant to your specific locus.

Look at the Big Picture and answer these questions to ensure your course idea is in alignment with your business brand..

  • What do you want to be known for? 
  • What level of client do you want to work with?
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • What income do you want to make?
  • What income bracket do you need to target in order for that goal to happen?

All this needs to be taken into account when you decide on the right idea for your course.

If you become reactive and start trying to solve every need, you will be guilty of “piece-mealing” your business—jumping around, trying to be a jill-of-all-trades.

Specialize and make sure your courses enhance your specialty.

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