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Influencer Courses is a 6-week online course that’s designed to help you do these five things:

1. Turn your passion + everyday life lessons into an online course

2. Quickly build an audience of hyper-engaged people who want to learn about your topic

3. Sell your online course like crazy (while genuinely helping people and making a positive impact on people’s lives)

4. Instantly build celebrity and authority as an influencer so you can create a loyal following

5. Create a profitable location neutral lifestyle business so you can #WorkFromWherever (…and never again have to be chained to a desk doing passionless work)

Here’s How We’ll Do It:

Week 1: Creating A Course That SELLS!

In week one, we’re going to get you crystal clear on exactly what type of course you want to sell.

Here’s how:

There are only 2 major types of online courses that people buy. So we’ll start by choosing the PERFECT course type for your market.

Next, we’ll start brainstorming ideas for your course using The HOLY GRAIL of course creation methods which is a process I invented called the “Passion Savvy Profit” Model.

It’s a proven model that gives regular people an opportunity to turn their passion + everyday life lessons into profit.

This is the secret behind how you can take a simple idea and turn it into your first profitable online course in a matter of weeks (…yes, weeks).

Week 2: Develop Your Unique Course (Branding, Packaging, Positioning, Pricing)

In week two, this is where you’ll develop your irresistible course branding.

You’ll learn:

How to identify your “Your Hook” (i.e. why people buy YOUR course and not the next gals) to make sure your course stands out from the pack (adios competition!)

I’ll explain the TRUTH about how you should price your course (plus, I’ll show you how to calculate the perfect price using my simple “benchmark method” that can work in any niche.

I’ll also explain what you should NEVER do when naming your course (and I’ll show you the two proven and most profitable methods that anyone can follow to come up with a course name that SELLS like hot cakes!)

PLUS, the secrets of branding and packaging your course on a budget… without having to hire a professional designer (including: photography, logos, slide decks, downloadable guides and more!)

Week 4: Your Course Launch (Boom!)

Then by week 6, you’ll be ready to LAUNCH baby! So you can start selling your course and making cash money!

I’ll show you exactly what it takes to launch your course like a BOSS. (Including the different types of content you can send, and what to say in each piece of content to persuade people to buy.)

You’ll get my “copy and paste” email launch campaigns that have already been battle-tested and proven to convert (and they can easily be adapted to any course topic or niche.)

I’ll also show you why you can be “bad at selling” and STILL make a TON of sales.

So if you have fears about being all pushy and “salesy” this lesson will eliminate those fears, and you’ll get a simple approach that makes selling friendly, cool and fun… and very, very valuable to your audience.

You’ll also learn…

The “Create As You Go” approach for launching your course BEFORE you’ve finished creating it … so you can start making sales instantly.

You’re also getting…

Bonuses Worth Over $14,485.00!

In this bonus module, I’m giving you my “copy-and-paste” Million Dollar Template and Script Library…

I call this the “Million Dollar” Template and Script Library because these are the EXACT templates and scripts that I’ve used to sell over a million dollars in online course sales.


Course content creation templates so creating your course lessons will be a breeze.

My course launch templates… so you can get people excited about your course before you actually launch (a key component that is often overlooked.)

Plus, all of my sales page and sales video templates so you know what to say, how to say, and when to say it.

I’ll also be providing you with my coveted Email Swipe File of all the emails I send to people before, during and after my launch.

Plus, much, MUCH more…

So if you ever had fears like “What will I say?” or “How will I sell”, put those fears to rest because if you can copy and paste, then you can do this.

When invest today, you’re also getting a behind the scenes look inside my own online course business.

Specifically I’ll walk you through step-by-step, and day-by-day… how I created and launched my lifestyle course called “Back Yourself Brigade.”

(…which covers everything from beauty, to fashion and style, to health and fitness, and even personal development.)

You’ll get a complete behind the scenes look at how I validated my course idea (so I KNEW it would sell), how I chose the name, how I priced the course…

…And even how I SOLD the course… BEFORE I actually finished creating it.

So you can model my entire course creation and launch process for your own course business.

This is LITERALLY, the next best thing to having me personally come to your house, sit next to you, and create your course together WITH you…

Just imagine being able to look over my shoulder and see EXACTLY how I created and sold a course in the lifestyle niche… and then just model my process for yourself.

This bonus will help you create, record, and edit your videos with confidence and ease.

I spent years pulling out my hair and trying to learn the tech side of creating and selling courses.

But you won’t have to because I’m giving you, as a special bonus, the “Tech Heaven (Not Hell)” training course.

I’ll give you tech tutorials for everything you need to create, record, edit and sell your course in a super easy to follow and hassle-free way.

This bonus is going to make it faster and easier for you to set up the tech and production side of your course creation.

It was designed to ensure that you have complete confidence in applying the most important tools needed to create and sell your course.

You’ll get all of my tech tricks and recommended tools to keep everything smarter, faster and non-confusing.

So literally, if you can operate a computer… you can create a course! And I’ll show you exactly how straight forward and easy to implement it actually is inside the “Tech Heaven (Not Hell)” exclusive training.

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If “Influencer Courses” doesn’t give you the freedom to do what you love and create a location neutral lifestyle business selling online courses, then I’ll refund 100% of your money.

Yep… that’s right.

You’re protected by my 60-day “Zero Risk” money back guarantee.

Just drop me an email, and you’ll get 100% of your investment in this training back.

Absolutely no questions asked… and no hassle.

You won’t even have to speak to anyone, you just drop us an email and you’ll get an instant refund.

Sound fair?

And if that’s not enough to have you ready to get started…

What You’re Getting:

  • The complete Influencer Courses Training Program ($3,997 Value) 
  • BONUS #1: Million Dollar Template and Script Library ($2,497 Value) 
  • BONUS #2: Behind The Scenes Course Launch Master Plan ($1,997 Value) 
  • BONUS #3: Tech Heaven, Not Hell ($1,997 Value) 
  • BONUS #4: Facebook + Instagram Ads Formula For Online Course Creators ($1,997 Value)

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