Fabulous Funnel Template

Launch Your Funnel In Just 10 Minutes

I knew you have better things to focus to leverage your business. With this funnel templates, it is Incredibly easy to set up your brand new business sales funnel and start making money💸. This is my secret weapon of growing a thriving business. I never start something from scratch!

Here's How It's Work


This template is made using Elementor Basic which is a free WordPress plugins. Thus you need to install this to your wordpress.org . If you didn't have elementor.org, here is a quite tutorial to get started.


Create multiple pages in your wordpress and import each of the templates in your pages. Don't forget to give the pages a name, so you won't be confuse. Now start editing your sale page copywriting to attract more customers and clients!


Your sales funnel is ready. 🥳Hooray! Start lead in traffic to your funnel, collect email lists and making sales 💸! I wish you luck in your business. We are all rooting for you.. If you have any difficulties, just shoot me an email.