Website Theme Canva for Coaches,Online Course creators Beautiful Fully Customize Responsive website design



Calling for coaches,service providers, course creators who want to set up their website FAST to showcase their skills and services and earn FAST..
Beautiful Canva Website Theme made for Coaches, Service Providers and Course creator

►► Do you want to setup your website FAST and start making money?
►►Meet the 30 Minutes Ready Made Canva Website Theme !

———-→ 30 Minutes Canva Website – No hoting needed- Fully Responsive ←———-

?Demo link:
(click here to see the website in action)

⚡️ This is perfect if you are looking for an amazing, designer-quality theme for your website theme.
Have you ever imagine what if you can have an amazing website in just 30 minutes that you can showcase your skills in single click?

?Chic Boss – A Canva Website Theme template made using Canva free created for Stunning and Creative Entrepreneurs
* These themes are made from Canva basic. No need to purchase Canva Pro to have your website roll and going.

———-→With this Canva Website theme, you can showcase your skills and services by each of the sections←———-
?4 Menu button section – for easy access to each section or you can add any links you want
? Introduction section – introduce yourself in a smart and beautiful way ( first impression count!)
?Is this you? section – ask your audience if they have these problems and make them recognize it
? Do you want to..section – layout the outcome if they work with you (the before and after state)
?What I can help you section – give a solution by offering your services (ebook, self pace course, 1-1 coaching)
? Your story section – make your audience relate to you (make them remember you with your story)
?Freebie section – offer a freebie and get their email list coz money is in the list
? Your digital product section- showcase your ebook,eguide or course here
?Details what’s included – layout the details of what will learn in your digital products or if don’t have it you can delete this section or replace it with your coaching program packages)
? Testimonials section – instill trust and credibility with testimonials

?Demo link:
(click here to see the website in action)

———-→ Benefit of Canva Website←———-
? Full design freedom (just drag and drop)
? Change color , font , branding in single click
? Easy to setup
? Free to use in Canva
? Fully responsive , SEO friendly
? No hosting needed
? Collect payment, book calls and schedule fast (just add your paypal link, calendly or acuity link)

———-→ If you are new to Canva website←———-
►►What is Canva website template?
…Anyone can create and publish Canva websites. However, using a custom domain and publishing unlimited websites is only available to Canva Pro users. For Canva free, you can share the link for others to view the website instead of share the domain name.

When you publish Canva as a website, you also get these amazing features:

?Your website domain will be SEO-friendly, unlike the long design URLs you get when you share your design as a website.
?Your website will be fully responsive across all devices.
?You can restrict visits to your website with a password.
?You can customize your website with your own favicon.
?We can host your website for free at If you want something more customized to your brand, you can still purchase custom domains.
?Canva Pro users can add existing domains to Canva to use in publishing websites.

———-→ WHAT YOU WILL GET ←———-
*Theme Files are available IMMEDIATELY after purchase
* You will receive a Canva template link and are able to access it and edit it right away.


Designed for for Coaches,Online Course instructors Beautiful Fully Customize Responsive website design using Canva
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?Demo link:
(click here to see the website in action)


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