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Manifest More Money in 10 Days Complete Guide
Unleash Inner Money Queen 10 Days Challenge
How to manifest money in 10 days Challenge
10 Day Mini Manifesting Boot Camp
FREE 10 day challenge showing you exactly what you need to do to allow the money river to flow freely into your life
10 Days to Attract all the money you need
These are other title that you can use


Introducing: DONE FOR YOU BRANDABLE – MANIFEST MORE MONEY 10 DAYS CHALLENGE  – A challenge that gets you into a higher money frequency that will begin attracting what you most desire.

This 10 Day MANIFEST MORE MONEY 10 DAYS CHALLENGE is a 50+ pages Canva templates and content that comes with 7 worksheets, including my most transformative and favorite worksheet.

Whats included
– Ready to sell 50+ pages eCourse ( in form of the ebook)
– Separate worksheet file (if you want to provide an only worksheets to your clients)
– Printable friendly worksheet (easy for your clients to print)

You may Create a slide presentation using the content inside this challenge and your own online course is ready to sell!
Or just sell the eCourse the way it is.

Here are some of the things that you will discover in this life-transforming program:
• Understanding the art of manifesting and the principles of Law of Attraction
• Understanding the secrets and thought process
• How to attract money, wealth and abundance with ease
• Identify money limiting belief and breaks them
• Get into the habits of positive affirmations and visualizing

… Plus many more powerful practices and techniques!

Here’s a breakdown of everything you’ll get in this package:

Done-for-you 50+ pages eCourse.
Your clients will love having this eCourse! This workbook is not only beautiful but also editable in Canva.
Your clients also can download as a digital workbook or print it off.
Make this as your Mini Course –> You can also record guided video explaining what inside the workbook for each chapters and create a mini course from this workbook.

?Done-for-you Worksheets, Checklists – printable friendly
?Done-for-you 80+ Money Affirmations
?BONUS Done-for-you Manifestation Cheque

If you just want to start a business ? You can use this fully customize and brandable workbook as your first mini course or Challenges Change the logo and about me page + You may record videos explaining the workbook

If you ALREADY HAVE ONLINE COURSES☺️ You can use this workbook as your a lead magnet or FREEBIE for list building train
You can also add this Workbook to your Current course BONUSES

This workbook can be your next
✅ Brand NEW workbook in the shop
✅ Challenges
✅ FREEBIE or lead magnet to increase email leads
✅ Bonuses
✅ Podcast content or script
✅ Coaching toolkits
✅ New Content inside the membership
✅ New Content inside Facebook group
✅Improve Client experience


Your impact is through a transformation that you going to make.

I know the struggles of not having much time.
Not having many resources.
This 100% Editable and Brandable Workbook is created just for you!

COMMERCIAL LICENSE : With this purchase, you will get FULL LICENSE to give this workbook for as a LEAD MAGNET/BONUS or to SELL this to your audiences.

Coaches-Get Visible and Make Transformation Today


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