Do you want to use free and aesthetic Canva fonts to create a better design? If yes, then this article is for you. I have compiled 50 beautiful Canva fonts that are easy to use and you can use them in your design.

Since I started using Canva, I’ve created hundreds of templates and Canva designs. It’s been an amazing experience to use this platform because for me, creating Canva template design has always been a hobby.

Why you should use Canva? Canva is 100% free to use and helps me create designs in various different styles and get them done quickly.

Canva Font List | These are 50 free Canva fonts you should be using.

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Cursive Handwriting Canva Font List

Modern Aesthetic Canva Font List

If you’re looking to achieve an aesthetic feel to your Canva content these fonts are perfect for it. These can be used in both your infographic and presentations.

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